Le Gouffre


WOEST is a band hailing from France; although they are are without a doubt heavy […]
January 11, 2019

WOEST is a band hailing from France; although they are are without a doubt heavy on their Black Metal elements, they also incorporate the Doom and Industrial genre elements as well. I really admire Black Metal bands that step outside the often times too closed confines of their genre.  As such, I really appreciate the Doom and Industrial elements presented here. "Eveil," is an intro highlighted by industrial sound effects and some light keys, which rolls into the next track, the title song "Le Gouffre." The drum machine on the track, and the rest of the album, is actually really well done and sounds rather human in a lot of aspects especially on the snare; Daemonicreator did a really good job. Trove nails down the blackened screams and his clean vocals are well done, heightening the Doom atmosphere.

My favorite track on the album has to be "O Vide Eternal,"—the opening riffs are badass, with just enough groove to make them work.  The deeper blackened vocals ride atop the riffs, creating a swirl of caustic atmosphere. The operatic, theatrical clean vocals on "A La Gloire de L'immonde," play off the blackened vocals, which are belted out in a near speaking voice.   The subtle use of keys actually serve to bring out the searing Black Metal guitars from Deckard and Malemort, like ash falling down from a volcano. "Spasmes de Haine,"  is probably the most straight forward track on the album.  I didn't find it as interesting as the other ones but it isn't a bad track per say—the bass still brings it very well and I found it carried this song.

"Tout Restera Carbone," is highlighted by Irotted's bass, which settles into a steady rhythmic groove that also pulls in some melody. At over nine minutes in length, it serves at the centerpiece of the album and the best showcase for what the band is presenting on the album. I especially enjoyed the ending where the metal elements trail off as random industrial noises come to the front. "Vagues Du Styx," is the final track and the industrial drums are very heavy on this one.  Their mix with the more blackened elements may throw some off but I found that I works for the band.  The last thirty seconds or so is a nice clean keyboard passage that ends the album on a more epic note, much like the beginning so the whole album is tied of well.

I do wish some of the Industrial elements were more up front in the mix, sometimes they can get buried under the vocals and guitar.  However, sometimes I feel the drums are a bit too loud.   The Doom elements could also be a bit more pronounced as well, especially the clean keyboards. Still, this is above average Black Metal that deserves a listen.

7 / 10









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"Le Gouffre" Track-listing:

1. Eveil
2. Le Gouffre
3. O vide eternel
4. A la gloire de l'immonde
5. Spasme de haine
6. Tout restera carbone
7. Vagues du Styx

Woest Lineup:

Trove - Vocals
Malemort - Guitars
Deckard - Guitar
Irotted - Bass
Daemonicreator - Drum Machine and Sound Effects

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