I love self releases; really, you don't know what you'll discover in an honest self […]
By Maria Voutiriadou
December 27, 2009
Wizardry - Wizardry album cover

I love self releases; really, you don't know what you'll discover in an honest self release and most of the times you cannot even imagine the musical originality and dignity included from the compositions to the production. In cases like this belongs the homonymous and debut album of WIZARDRY from Brooklyn, New York that METAL TEMPLE had the honor to receive.

The cover is cool and it reminds me a little bit of Stoner stuff with psycho wizards, flowing blood and scary fairy things and made me feel more comfortable. Let's check the sound now; it is pretty obvious that the first listening fits the cover, but... not so fast. After three or more listenings, you'll discover the magic thing about WIZARDRY; inspiring sounds and original hooks back from the 80s that would not leave you indifferent. During the album's 38 minutes you will definitely find scattered elements of NWOBHM as Aaron Ashby's vocals sound less SABBATH-esque or more Halford-esque between the tracks, with a little spice of harness. For example, if you check Drink From Thy Chalice and The Good Witch you'll understand exactly what I mean.

The entire sound of Wizardry has a retro; old sounds unpacked from the 80s' while the aggressive greatness in the guitars and the catchy riffs seems to be quite up to date. Under The Wizard's Sleeve still is my favorite from the album for the above reason and also, gives a little doomy attitude in the total result taking it off. Wayfarer lowers down the tempo with a mysterious veil and the enormous fronted bass, like Death Rides On Tuesday does.

Who will be the record label to have the honor (and the guts) to give the opportunity to WIZARDRY to reach to more ears? Let's say that mine were just the beginning.

WIZARDRY - 'Under The Wizard's Sleeve'WIZARDRY | MySpace Music Videos

7 / 10


"Wizardry" Track-listing:

Nigh Invincible
Drink From Thy Chalice
Under The Wizard's Sleeve
The Deep
The Good Witch
Death Rides On Tuesday

Wizardry Lineup:

Aaron Ashby - Vocals
Matt Klickstein - Guitars
Frank Garcia - Bass
Justin Sherrell - Drums
Fro - Lead Guitar

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