Odin (Reissue)


We now come to the second of three reissues that yours truly is proudly reviewing […]
By Michael Coyle
April 23, 2015
Wizard - Odin (Reissue) album cover

We now come to the second of three reissues that yours truly is proudly reviewing for you, the Metal community. As I said in the first one, it is rare for myself to be reviewing three albums in a row by the same band, but it does change things up in a great way.

So lets start this one off with "The Prophecy". From the very start, the track shows its power with thunderous drums, which lead into a melodic and intense riff, which takes us through a fast and splendorous vision of musical reality and fantasy. Though that's me, to be very honest, as I find that this song holds a lot of key traits to which take the listener through so many different inspirations and influences, that it shows us that the band have been able to contain all of these into one glass vile and release it as a story and a fantasy of different delights to which take hold of us with full flow. All in all though, this is a keeper for any fan to take with them and try for themselves.

The next track I wanted to explore next is entitled "Lokis Punishment". I have chosen this song next, as I am an admirer of Norse mythology and all its wonders and creations and once I saw the title to this track, I just knew it had to be added to this review, ladies and gentlemen. From the start, what really gets you going is this powerful opener of a riff, which keeps going on and on in a pattern so incredible. But what got me, is just the lines that the band use when singing about this ancient legend of Lokis imprisonment, which goes into great detail that it is brilliant; to see a band that has been able to take a legend of this caliber and create such a beautiful, yet epic song, is just amazing, ladies and gentlemen, as this is one of the songs on the record I have been playing non stop since getting this promo. I have to say it is a real treat to be listening to such a delight of a tune that it makes me want to go crazy and chant to this brilliant song. What this song does for the listener, is take us into a legend and experience every moment of what is happening; it is almost like we are witnessing the moment at this very point and it feels like myself and many others are chanting what will come next for the trickster god, as he enters his own personal Hell. But besides this, the vocals on this song amazed me more then anything; it's as if listening to the KING (KING DIAMOND) through a younger soul.

To conclude. What more can I say than, damn this is one of the best records I have had the treat of reviewing this year. Not only is it a strong and intense piece of classic Metal goodness, it takes us into the world of mythology that a lot of Metal fans worship. The art to this, as well, shows the very theme is to the point, showing Odin with both the wolf, Fenrir, and the serpent Jörmungandr, which is incredible as well, as renditions of what seems to be Skol and Hati two other wolves; this is a masterpiece of a record to which I would suggest to any new Metal fans.<

10 / 10


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"Odin (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. The Prophecy
2. Beytrayer
3. Dead Hope
4. Dark Lord
5. Lokis Punishment
6. Beginning Of The End
7. Thor's Hammer
8. Hall Of Odin
9. The Powergod
10. March Of The Einheriers
11. End Of All

Wizard Lineup:

Sven D'Anna - Vocals
Michael Maass - Guitars
Volker Leson - Bass
Snoppi Denn - Drums

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