Metal in My Head


WIZARD is a German Power Metal band formed in 1989. Metal In My Head is […]
By Kevin Lewis
January 25, 2021
Wizard - Metal in My Head album cover

WIZARD is a German Power Metal band formed in 1989. Metal In My Head is their 12th full-length release in that time span. This release hits the streets on February 19,2021 through Massacre Records. True to German Power Metal form, this is a fast-paced, frenetic, spitfire of an album. Twin guitars, bass, drums and clean vocals, all the necessary elements, are present and accounted for.

Right off the bat, "I Bring Light In To The Dark" brings out a spoken intro, drum roll and then a full-frontal assault. Pounding rhythms and killer guitar riffs, the thing every Power Metal fan demands, are here. The solos, the technical expertise, the epic lyrics... yep, they check every box.

For the next few songs, the love of metal is the theme. "Metal Feast", "Metal In My Head" and "30 Years Of Metal" all leave the listener breathless and satisfied. These are epic songs. Tales of heroism and defending Metal, that thing we all love so much. WIZARD has been carrying the banner for three decades now. There is no question as to where their loyalties lie, they spell it out for you over and over.

"Whirlewolf" is the epic power ballad, bringing thoughts of rockers past and present who have fought for the brotherhood of metal. The solemn guitar sounds in the early section of the song evoke the pain of loss. The solo in the middle amplifies the feelings of loss and sadness. The subdued power chords and the lyrics speaking of memories and honoring the past give this a feel of desolation, but with the hope of being reunited in Metal Heaven. What is Metal Heaven? Valhalla for musicians and fans. The sight of the never-ending metal concert. True Heaven!

The record closes out with the epic "Destiny". Nothing can stop these guys because they have the power of Metal in their hearts. This is not a concept album. It is a celebration of all things Metal. That is the theme, but the songs are all different, not just in sound, but in feeling. It's all about Metal, but not just that. It's about the history, the love of and the need to be Metal.

WIZARD is a well-honed band that loves what they do and do what they love. They speak of it with reverence and awe. Every song is a celebration, a chance to honor the thing that matters most in this world. The chugging, pounding rhythms that are put forth carry the dual guitar attack along on a sonic wave worthy of the title Metal. The lyrics are properly respectful and present the glory of Metal. True metalheads will get it, understand it, feel it.

9 / 10

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"Metal in My Head" Track-listing:

1. I Bring Light Into The Dark
2. Metal Feast
3. Metal In My Head
4. Victory
5. 30 Years Of Metal
6. We Fight
7. Whirlewolf
8. Years Of War
9. Firesword
10. Destiny

Wizard Lineup:

Sven D'Anna - Vocals
Arndt Ratering - Bass
Sören van Heek - Drums
Michael Maass - Guitar
Tommy Hartung - Guitar

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