Gallery of Life

Within Silence

Five-Piece Slovakian Melodic Power Metal band WITHIN SILENCE have released their debut album "Gallery of […]
By Aaron Eerdekens
May 8, 2015
Within Silence - Gallery of Life album cover

Five-Piece Slovakian Melodic Power Metal band WITHIN SILENCE have released their debut album "Gallery of Life" upon the world, and contrary to a lot of other Metal bands, life, and not death, is what they mainly sing about on this well crafted and structured album. Well structured, first of all, because the "Intro" and "Outro" songs flow seamlessly into respectively the second, "Silent Desire" and the second to last song, "The Road To The Paradise", which is always a plus for me. Second of all, it's well structured because it starts with a bang, and with one that doesn't stop until the end for that matter.

Bringing you the best from other Power Metal bands like DRAGONFORCE, BLIND GUARDIAN, PYRAMAZE  and even FIREWIND, WITHIN SILENCE doesn't shy away at all and comes from the beginning right at you with powerful, grasping songs like "Silent Desire", where the guitarist especially shows some high quality playing with an insanely fast guitar solo, "Love is Blind", who's catchiness crawls into your brain and doesn't really come out, and finally "Judgment Day", during which you can imagine armies of elves and orcs standing on the brink of destruction.

The best quality of the band lies in the musicians themselves. They all display some excellent and technically difficult playing, especially the guitarists. Topped of with the singers' clear and powerful voice you get a nice mix of ingredients that captivates you until the end of the album. I'm really curious to how they play live, and if I get the chance, I'll surely go and check them out somewhere. The album as a whole is very promising, and shows the band is able to fabricate something which stands strong among their peers, and something that's full of quality and creativity and shows it.

When you've listened to the album, you know you've found a new Power Metal gemstone.

8 / 10


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"Gallery of Life" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Silent Desire
3. Emptiness of Night
4. Elegy of Doom
5. The Last Drop of Blood
6. Love Is Blind
7. Anger And Sorrow
8. Judgment Day
9. The World of Slavery
10. The Road to the Paradise
11. Outro

Within Silence Lineup:

No Information Available

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