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WITHIN NOSTSLGIA is a blackened post metal band from Canada, formed in 2013. Last year,  […]
December 7, 2020
Within Nostalgia - Void & Decay album cover

WITHIN NOSTSLGIA is a blackened post metal band from Canada, formed in 2013. Last year,  they released their full length debut, "Conjuring A New Reality." I reviewed it and found it to be a great album.  Does their second release, the ep "Void & Decay" continue to show a band progressing? Yes, yes it does. This second release, "Void and Decay,"  is an improvement upon their previous debut full length album in every way. This is an EP but with five tracks and a runtime of over 30 minutes, it is a very substantial piece of music.

The production is very interesting. The raw power and the occult atmosphere of black metal is embedded into the very fabric of the album's sound—dark, heavy and even mystic. But there much more to it than that. It is hard to explain exactly why I feel this way but it also has a very vintage feel to it. It sounds old and even somewhat archaic but in a good way. I'm not sure if the album is analog or not but I wouldn't be surprised—it certainly sounds so. This is a good aspect because it lends "Void and Decay" a very organic, natural approach. And it sounds so goddamn good on headphones...like it was recorded live in one take. I bet this beast of an album would sound out of this world on vinyl.

Alyssa Broere's vocals work particularly well within the production, both her cleans and growls/screams. She too has improved her game, both on vocals and rhythm guitar/bass. The album has many many great bass licks. Kye, lead guitarist, also helps with the bass and I can tell both of them put a lot of thought into the low end sound. Musically, the album still retains that post black/metal/rock presentation but I also hear more doom influences this time around. No complaints with that! The drums are programmed, a collaborative effort between the two members. Once again I'll say that computerized drums have come a long way over the years and the two did an amazing job making the beats feel very natural.

"City of Nameless Faces," begins with clean guitar tones before a melodic counter melody comes in. After it leaves, melodic riffs and thunderous bass rises up. Alyssa has great clean vocals, very well toned but somber at the same time but with a hint of haziness. Her extreme vocals are searing and very raw.  The song's later half is a post jam that is centered on the guitar riffs but heavy on melody and atmosphere without losing any potency. "Beneath Unworthy Presence," has a catchy galloping melody and the vocals just roll off with it to create a decent groove. The song is pushed smoothly into a clean vocals passage that makes way for blackened growls and highly effective drumming that ups the sense of urgency.

"BlackLight," is an infectious dirge of post elements, melodies and harmonies swirling together among the drums. Alyssa's extreme vocals sound like they are being dragged through the mud, pain and anguish being pulled up with them. The songs mid portion is clean, both musically and vocally and fits the two halves of the song like a glove. That second half is brutal black metal, guts and guile all the way. "Higher Than My Fears," has a hazy and secretive opening. The cleanly sang vocals have a catchy rhythm and is a stark contrast to the heavier parts that follow. At the 4:06 mark, the fog lifts to reveal a faster paced section for a sudden burst of venomous advancement. There is an overwhelming sense of danger and anxiety to this one...a very intense song that is a challenge (in a good sense) to listen to.

The final track, "Desideratum," is darkly indulgent in its layers and is even what I would call pretty or emotive. The drums in this song expose the talent it took to program them—they feel so natural in the way they move along with the guitars. This song has a hypnotic feel to it and I found myself caught up in its myriad segments. The guitars pull me through the song as I am go from outside looking in to being in the actual journey. Without a doubt this is my favorite song on the album.

I gave "Conjuring A New Reality," an 8 but this one is getting a 9. There is a clear step to the next level and the solidifying of a band's goals and sounds. I will be eagerly anticipating their next full length—I have no doubt it will blow me away. The path that "Void & Decay" has set them upon will only bring success.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Void & Decay" Track-listing:

1. City of Nameless Faces
2. Beneath Unworthy Presence
3. Blacklight
4. Higher Than My Fears
5. Desideratum

Within Nostalgia Lineup:

Kye Bell - Drums
Alyssa Broere - Vocals, Bass, Guitars

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