Swallow the Venom

Witchthroat Serpent

Toulouse, France has their response to Stoner Doom...WITCHTHROAT SERPENT. Formed in 2011, these guys have […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
November 7, 2018
Wicked Stone - Synergy album cover

Toulouse, France has their response to Stoner Doom...WITCHTHROAT SERPENT. Formed in 2011, these guys have released three albums and now are back with some more. Mixing 70's sleazy artwork in the likes of the EASYRIDER movie, and a bit of occult or witchcraft imagery this band can redeem their place with the likes of REVEREND BIZARRE, ELECTRIC WIZARD and all these big names in the genre. They're french but they sing in English. They are three guys powered up with fuzz guitars, boosted up attitude and a will to Doom the fuck out of the stoner genre. This full length is an eight track album including an intro called le "feu sacré".

The first track "le feu sacré" is an intro consisting of a narrative with great ambiance as we are used to in this kind of album. Next we are offered the first real song called "Lucifer's Fire". It sounds appealing to me! Fuzzy guitar, and great bass lines are offered, sounds like WINDHAND with more notes, less delay more picking and a little bit faster. The vocals are clean with a little rough on it. We have a few little solos but mainly its in your face fuzz. Once again i must say they sound like WINDHAND with more melody. Reaching a peak in intensity around minute seven it ends quite fast with psych effects, nice one.

"Pauper's Grave" starts with crushing very deep bass with strange ambiance and sounds like an horror movie. The bass leads the way. Amazing feel. They are not using the cliche trademark of Doom of playing a melody for using to the entire song after. They have another structure of their own. The drums are well recorded and it doesn't get mashed up in a tornado of fuzz chaos. Great recording...clean while being dirty. Headbangin' approved. "The might of the Unfail" goes deeper in the nightmare. The bass and the guitar are vomiting fuzzy riffs. It's enough to awake the sleeping corpses. Very groovy and a little repetitive. Excellent vocals. This one is my favorite i guess, for now.

The more i listen to this album the more i love it, it's like being spellbound, I can feel the snake finding his way to my throat to choke me and stare in my eyes. Too late the damage is done. "Scorpent Serpion" is more psychedelic than the others. Light one up and man tell me what you think guys. Amazing stoner. The way it was recorded is overwhelming. "Hunt for the Mountebank" this track is just crazy, vocals reminds me of Quorthron from BATHORY.(I know its weird but its really true). The vocals are higher a little and there is more madness in this one. "Red Eyed Albino" starts with a guitar driven frenzy, feedback fueled boom. Then the bass spits his deeply rooted notes to shake the ground. It's a slower one with more guitar interruptions, and a more repetitive ending though...Doomy as hell.

"No More Giant Octopussies" is written more traditionally Doom. The vocals are more expressive here,more convincing less passive. It's an amazing song, fuck these french guys knows how to STONER DOOM. Fans of WINDHAND, SALEM's POT, and all that's heavy and slow...stoner bong ready get to get the that album now!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Swallow the Venom" Track-listing:

1. Le feu sacré
2. Lucifer's Fire
3. Pauper's Grave
4. The Might of the Unfail
5. Scorpent Serpion
6. Hunt for the Mountebank
7. Red Eyed Albino
8- No More Giant Octopussies

Witchthroat Serpent Lineup:

Fredrik Bolzann -  Guitar & Vocals
Niko Lass -  Drums
Lo Klav -  Bass

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