Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies


Hell yeah! This is the first time I get a release from Lee Dorian's own […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
July 12, 2007
Winters - Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies album cover

Hell yeah! This is the first time I get a release from Lee Dorian's own label, Rise Above Records! If you know who Mr. Dorian is you have already understood that this band plays Stoner, Doom or psychedelic Rock stuff. If you don't know Mr. Dorian, please better go and listen to some Metalcore shitty stuff or some emo bullshit. For the real fans, here come WINTERS. Prepare for a fucking heavy assault!

The English trio was formed on the 5th of May 2005 in London. The only thing I managed to find regarding what this band has released was a debut EP, which I do not even know when it was released. The fact is that WINTERS managed to sign a contract with Dorian's Rise Above in 2006. Now it is time for the world to witness the band's debut full-length effort!
The band's official bio starts with the phrase Let us introduce you to your new favorite band. The fact that FIREBIRD chose them as a support act for their UK tour is one more thing to think of, too. The band says that the greatest line up is the three-piece power trio, just like MOTORHEAD, NIRVANA and CREAM (allow me to disagree with the NIRVANA matter). Anyway, WINTERS is a band I come across for the first time but I had a strong feeling that this album would be pretty interesting. WINTERS play a Hard Rock/Doom/Stoner style that is directly influenced by bands from the 70's like THE WHO, as well as newer bands like NIRVANA, CATHEDRAL and FU MANCHU.
The band manages to mix their Hard Rock influences with their Doom ones creating a hypnotizing (in a good way) doomy Heavy Rock style that takes you to a trip beyond time and space. The riffing is fucking heavy and the rhythm section is solid as a rock. Fyfe's vocals are something out of this world. When I listened to his voice, it was like the first time I listened to Ozzy's voice! He sings in a creepy, yet incredible way. I love it when I see singers having a unique and totally personal style! This is definitely not my new favorite band, but it is a band that will accompany my CD player for a long time!
If you are into this genre, you really have to buy this album! Rise Above is offering you a psychedelic Heavy Rock gift and the only thing you have to do is to accept it. I do not know if people who have no connection to the specific scene will find it interesting, since Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies is an album that requires many listening sessions to be well understood.

8 / 10


"Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies" Track-listing:

Oh No
Endless Fight
Life Was So Simple
Mark My Word
Two Wrongs Make A Right
No Will
Did Me In
Black Clouds In Twin Galaxies

Winters Lineup:

Paul Fyfe - Vocals, Guitar
Nigel Ingram - Bass
Andy Prestidge - Drums

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