Winters Bane

It's quite unfair that the majority of metal heads around the world know Winter's Bane […]
By Michael Dalakos
September 18, 2006
Winters Bane - Redivius album cover

It's quite unfair that the majority of metal heads around the world know Winter's Bane as the former band of ex-Judas Priest / Iced Earth vocalist Tim Ripper Owens. These U.S. power metalers have release two very good albums in the past and without being the most productive act in the world they don't deserve being mentioned just as an ex band of some known musician.
Their debut work Heart Of A Killer was a fine example of U.S. power metal. Released in 1993 this concept piece of work included the stunning performance of Owens on vocal lines but not just that since the compositions in this one where killers. After the departure of Owens, guitarist Lou St. Paul Took over the vocal duties. The outcome to this was Girth - a good album in general terms but inferior when compared to Heart Of A Killer - where the band showed a modern face with more aggressive sound.
Redivius brings in mind the early days of Heart Of A Killer. Alexander Koch (ex-Spiral Tower, Powergod) is in charge of the vocal duties now. The whole package smells 90's U.S. power. From the opening frenzy guitar licks of Seal The Light to the stomping (and extremely Vicious Rumors-like) rhythm of Burning Bridges this one could can be easily mistaken for a 1992 - 93 release. Koch really boosts the vocal aspect of the album giving a hell of a performance. Behind the drum kit there's a familiar face: Mark Cross (count the band this monster has been in, can you?).
Wisely produced without exaggerations Redivius is a excellent example on how far could U.S. power had the chance to go if it wasn't for crappy alternative music that swiped back then everything with the word metal in it (course you - I spit on your graves you losers). Sadly I am not sure how many people left around the world that can really appreciate such a release...

7 / 10


"Redivius" Track-listing:

Seal the Light
Spark To Flame
The World
Dead Faith
Catching The Sun
Remember To Forget
Burning Bridges
Waves Of Fury
Despise The Lie

Winters Bane Lineup:

Alex Koch - Vocals
Lou St. Paul - Lead Guitar
Mark Cross - Drums
Jeff Welch - Bass

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