Wings Of Destiny

Far from the capital of Costa Rica hails the rising Power Metal quintet WINGS OF […]
By John Paul Romero
July 3, 2019
Wings Of Destiny - Revelations album cover

Far from the capital of Costa Rica hails the rising Power Metal quintet WINGS OF DESTINY. Over the course of four years, they have released four consistent albums including their latest effort "Revelations". They first impressed global fans with their debut "Time" and amazed even more with their sophomore (and probably best) album "Kings of Terror" where they got to record a song with Fabio Lione himself. They only took a very brief break in 2018 after the release of "Butterfly Effect" in 2017, and they are now ready to unleash another album called "Revelations".

"Revelations" is officially their longest album up to date, with its 13 tracks 62 minutes of playtime which is just roughly 4 minutes longer than "Kings of Terror". Musically, it is still very much in line with what they have done in their recent releases. There are innovations every here and there, but it's basically the same sound that they played around with. The only thing very noticeable is the level of heaviness and darkness all throughout the album. You can easily say that this is their strongest, heaviest and darkest release. Right from the opening track, it has been reckless and energetic. The riffs are whipping all throughout, the drum work is excellent and the vocals are amazing. Anton Darusso did well in executing high notes and wild shrieks. The occasionally added growls put more fury to the overall sound, which worked really well for them.

One element in the songs that might bore some listeners is the length. While WINGS OF DESTINY is known for their really heavy atmosphere and sharp riffs, many listeners may find the very dense and long songs in the album as boring, and even noisy. But of course, if you have been following them from the start and watched them develop s they go along, you know that this is exactly what this band is all about.

Overall, a good album and a more than decent listen.

7 / 10









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"Revelations" Track-listing:

1. Revelations
2. Divine? (Chaos Theme)
3. Rising Chaos
4. Here We Go
5. Facing the Beast
6. Stand and Fight
7. Under the Moon
8. Free Fall
9. Lost in the Dark
10. Wake Me Up
11. Possessed
12. Requiem
13. Post Mortem

Wings Of Destiny Lineup:

Emil Minott - Bass
Roberto Ulloa - Drums
Christian Jimenez - Guitars
Anton Darusso - Vocals
Dani Chaves - Guitars

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