Memento Mori

Wings Of Destiny

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WINGS OF DESTINY; signed via […]
December 12, 2021
Wings Of Destiny - Memento Mori album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WINGS OF DESTINY; signed via Wormhole Death Records, performing Power Metal, on their 6th album entitled: "Memento Mori" (released July 23rd, 2021).

Since formation in 2013-2015 as DESTINY; changing their name to WINGS OF DESTINY - the quintet in question have 6 Full-length albums in their discography, and 2 Singles so far. "Time" (released July 24th, 2015); "King Of Terror" (released May 27th, 2016), "Butterfly Effect" (released December 8th, 2018), "Revelations" (released May 31st, 2019), "Ballads" (released September 4th, 2020). 2 Singles entitled: "Brave New World" (released August 2017) & "Memento Mori" (released April 16th, 2021) ...on top of the titular record that I am introduced to so far. 10 tracks ranging at around 46:20; WINGS OF DESTINY arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Power Metal developments.

Opening up with this operatic assimilation in agonizing torment, blood and fire surge through with symphonic devastation as "Playing With Fire" explodes with rampantly rompy grooves and synthetic rollicking. Trembling tremolo hooks flamboyantly fabricate with riveting rhythms, trailblazing thuds & sturdy remedy of which outbursts with orchestral virtuosity. Impactfully impulsing a barrage frenzy on fluidly boisterous adrenaline, amplified distortion and blistering aesthetics in which spellbind speakers with heartfelt harmony amongst a rumbling reverb of thunderous proportion. Until a catchy calamity excels a catchy foundation on choppy crunchiness in the uplifting yet upbeat "Death Wish", as a killer potency vibrantly utilizes ripping maelstrom technicalities where an abundant diversity culminates guttural growls and clean cords from consisting front man Anton Darusso (also on keyboards) who revels with jumpy yet punchy pipes, sometimes raspy yet very shouty which yells with profusely robust synergy & eclatful delight.

Think RHAPSODY OF FIRE meets MAJESTY; this merges majestic sublimity where riffing stability solidifies with sonically seamless firepower expertise, distilling a dense but subtle ramification on euphonic hymns and meticulous mellow that materializes this magnificent prowess on inventive craftsmanship mobility, where quintessential complexity dexterously infects eardrums with uniquely vehement finesse. as  "Holy Grail" injects a speedy yet sulfurous slab on neo-classical dynamism. Where twinning guitar duo Andres Castro & Cristian Jimenez persevere with rapidly swift nimbleness while organic laceration shreds with ripping pandemonium, scourging but fierce solos soar with screaming exquisites and empowering force, mesmerising one with hypnotic furore. "Shadowland" bellows with more of those electronica enticements while prodigious yet volatile zest prestigiously unleash an elegant boundary. Flared with slaying experimentation and hybrid conundrums in which nobly lofts an immense amount of linear attributes, diligent detail & distinctively distinguished executions that will make you marvel towards the mellifluous sensation of hefty instrumental songwriting musicianship WINGS OF DESTINY provide here.

A borderline foundation in enriching enthrallment piledrive with thumpy bass audibility from audible galloper Emil Minott, chugging away with skyrocketing frolics, as flickering echos grumble with tempestuous strikes which pursuit with wildly rushing yet razor-sharp steadiness. "Reborn Immortal" unifies this motive with rambunctiously stompy yet hammering flourishments from drumming powerhouse Horacio Paris Kofoed pounds the set with steely yet progressive precision, mountainous & towering percussion pounds souls with heavy artillery. Systematically showcasing adventurous and ambitious spectrums on resilient flexibility, fundamentally furnacing with rifting solemnity which rattles with salubriously resounding glory. "My Freedom" frantically gravitates with those polyphonic suites while steamrolling with clobbering bellows and belting but painstaking stridency, storming with rugged but feral sufficiency while remaining tight & weighty however authentically eloquent, but dramatically fluid. "Of Dwarfs And Men" indulges in this strongly, where storytelling excellency entrances a bewitching exaltation on rapturous but charming dazzlement. Where magical transfixments reveres with spellbound heaviness in which revs with motoring grandeur, brilliantly and spectacularly. While the titular track bombards a thrilling wave of stellar performances which culminate into a loud dimension of magnitudes which voraciously stabilises with more prominent adaptability, harnessing heroic depth and mystical swerve to boot.

The penultimate track "City Of Fire" & the overall concluding epic "Theatre Of Tragedy" both examines theatrical showmanship versatility, while venomously captivating an ensnaring amount of outre panache until high-octane buoyancy and spirited verve portrays sophisticated swarve with stunning rigor. The latter being the longest song on the record; conceptual but still vigorously prosperous, classical and strong.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that WINGS OF DESTINY most surely outdone themselves with their 6th offering, it's a Power Metal spectacle that spears with unlimited musical masterclass proficiencies that provide this marvellous transparency on vivacious yet groundbreaking ability in which most definitely deserves listening to. Unparalleled while traditionally polarizing, "Memento Mori" serves as an enjoyably entertaining discovery for newcomers & veterans alike. Do check it out should you fancy a constructively enthusiastic build on this Power Metal extraordinaire in which will start your day off rightly so, spin & replay it a good handful of times - pretty good stuff!

10 / 10









"Memento Mori" Track-listing:

1. Playing with fire
2. Death Wish
3. Holy Grail
4. Shadowland
5. Reborn Immortal
6. My Freedom
7. Of Dwarves and Men
8. Memento Mori
9. City on Fire
10. Theater of Tragedy

Wings Of Destiny Lineup:

Anton Darusso - Vocals/Keyboards
Andres Castro - Guitars
Cristian Jimenez - Guitars
Emil Minott - Bass
Horacio Paris Kofoed - Drums

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