WINGER is part of the 80s Glam/Hair Metal and Hard Rock scene. This is the […]
By Kevin Lewis
June 30, 2023
Winger - Seven album cover

WINGER is part of the 80s Glam/Hair Metal and Hard Rock scene. This is the third stint for the band as they went on hiatus a couple of times, yet always make their way back to the top of the rock pile. Seven is the first new album in almost a decade, released May 5, 2023, via Frontiers Music SRL. The album opens with "Proud Desperado," a heavy riffed track that has a quite a bit of attitude, tending towards the harder end of the WINGER sound. One thing I like about this album is the variety they have running across the songs. Some are lighter, more in line with the Glam era of the 80s, others dig deeper into the emotional well to introduce something different, darker.

"Heaven's Falling" is an example of the lighter tonality. This one also showcases more of the backing vocal prowess of the triple guitar threat that is Reb, John, and Paul. Kip handles the lead vocals in typical WINGER fashion, with clear tones and fantastic pitch. His ability to dip, rise, warble, and vibrato wherever he pleases is pretty legendary. Going back to the darker, heavier tones. "Tears Of Blood" has a twist on the signature sound that I really like. This is not a WINGER power ballad. It's a song that brings the visceral sound of pain to bear lyrically and matches the music to reinforce that feeling. The lyrical delivery is some of the best I've heard from this band, and that's saying something. This is not "Headed For A Heartbreak," and I'm here for it!

"Voodoo Fire" sounds like it could be straight out of the 80s. The opening bass line fits that time period perfectly. The biggest thing this song shows is that WINGER is still the same band they were back then, yet they've also evolved, which is why you get songs that have a new, edgier sound that fits modern music just as easily as they do the past. Speaking of power ballads, "Broken Glass" fulfills your desire for that heavily emotional song that makes you feel love and loss all over again. Kip can get so much emotion into his voice that you cannot be unmoved. The cry he adds to his vocals on selected notes is a work of art. The subdued backing vocals, the understated instrumentation, all of it creates the perfect backdrop for a voice full of pain and longing. This is a proper power ballad. Full stop.

There are so many different styles used, some of which are true old-school, that it really brings back memories. "It's Okay" has a voice-box on the guitar, bringing back thoughts of PETER FRAMPTON and BON JOVI. "One Light To Burn" has a JIMI HENDRIX guitar style run to bring in a nice, heavy riff. "Do OR Die" goes back to the softer side before breaking out into a heavier riff/rhythm combo. The album closes with "It All Comes Back Around," a longer track at well over seven minutes. There is heavier, darker tones, a great build out of the intro, and lighter keyboards to offset the heaviness of the guitar riff. This song feels like it fits in both the past and the present.

WINGER is as good now as they've ever been. They still write great music and each musician is so much more than capable in their own right. Bring it all together and you see why Seven is a lucky number. Everything comes together like a finely aged wine. It's obvious this is a very experienced, practiced, rehearsed band that will likely hit the summer touring circuit and being their 40+ years of experience to the stage and blow the audience completely away.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Seven" Track-listing:

1. Proud Desperado
2. Heaven's Falling
3. Tears Of Blood
4. Resurrect Me
5. Voodoo Fire
6. Broken Glass
7. It's Okay
8. Stick The Knife In And Twist
9. One Light To Burn
10. Do Or Die
11. Time Bomb
12. It All Comes Back Around

Winger Lineup:

Kip Winger - Lead Vocals/Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards
Rod Morgenstein - Drums
Reb Beach - Lead Guitar/BackingVocals
John Roth - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Paul Taylor - Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Backing Vocals

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