Windsor Drive

Windsor Drive

In March 2015, WINDSOR DRIVE will release their first self-titled full-length album in Europe through […]
By YngwieViking
March 9, 2015
Windsor Drive - Windsor Drive album cover

In March 2015, WINDSOR DRIVE will release their first self-titled full-length album in Europe through the specialized and highly respected label AOR Heaven.

The self-titled release will feature hand selected songs from their previous U.S. ep releases including,"Under The Weather" or 2013's "Wanderlust" produced, recorded, and mixed in Los Angeles, CA by multi-platinum producer John Fields (PARACHUTE/SWITCHFOOT) and Bleu (BOYS LIKE GIRLS/AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER).

Formed in the unexpected art community in "The Northwoods" of Wisconsin, The roots of the band sounds are not easy to find, WINDSOR DRIVE has taken influence from arena-friendly Britpop acts as well as paying homage to their Melodic Rock elders from the seventies and eighties...A transatlantic trip in a time capsule ?

Well, not exactly, unfortunately this self titled works fall flat and I must say that this ultra polished insipid keyboard driven Modern Rock don't impress me much, it's clearly corrupted by some weak Pop influences: Schlager in German, no Rock spirit, no edge and not a single trace of energy neither... Exactly the opposite of what leads my passion for Rock music for Thirty five years.

For the regular Metal heads and readers of Metal-Temple, at least it will remains something quite exotic, but nothing more I'm afraid.

As I don't want to sound condescending on this inferior form of Music, even if it's politically incorrect to slash it openly (apparently I must simulate an ear orgasm or I must be creative to satisfy the public relation or to save the appearances and maybe pretend to be open minded to the extreme)... Sorry but to me this style is a nightmare.

As a Metal album it's truly and simply plain bad... I'm not an expert in this radio friendly kind of music, so maybe it's a damn great record, I think at least that the technical side is flawless... As a West-Coast easy listening influenced by the 90's Brit-Pop it could be good to some, but who knows?

To stay polite and in courtesy with their new European label/Promotional agency, I have to ask a question: why on earth did you send such a piece of pop music to a Metal site ?

I know this not elegant and unprofessional to ask like that, but finally that's my maverick view and my way... The good way, the bad way and the Yngway!

At least I've made myself some new friends/enemies in the United States... Hello Wisconsin!

3 / 10


"Windsor Drive" Track-listing:

1. Going Under
2. Sleepwalking
3. Bridges
4. Under the Weather
5. Wish Me Well
6. Skin to Skin
7. In Dreams
8. Wide Eyed at Midnight
9. Fall
10. Everything I Have
11. Chasing Shores

Windsor Drive Lineup:

Kipp Wilde - Vocals / Keys
Daniel Sukow - Guitar / Vocals
Jon Wasleske - Bass
Owen Jones - Drums

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