Grief's Infernal Flower


There's classic Doom Metal which has intensely distorted guitars and decently long song. Then there's […]
By Aaron "Five Magics" Price
December 27, 2015
Windhand - Grief's Infernal Flower album cover

There's classic Doom Metal which has intensely distorted guitars and decently long song. Then there's WINDHAND, who does something that isn't normally heard in your average Doom Metal song, they play guitar solos! Which means, in that one section there's more notes played than in the entirety of SLEEP's "Dopesmoker." Speaking of SLEEP; that's kind of who you can hear in this album, with a hint of Grunge-y ALICE IN CHAINS meets slow WOLFMOTHER style vocals.

Doom Metal suffers from something, the fact that everything can blend together. The entire album can sound like one super long song (I'm looking at you "Dopesmoker" being an hour long and not caring) and in some cases "Grief's Infernal Flower" is the same way, but it can also be different. "Two Urns" the opening track after the guitar solo blends in with "Forest clouds" as the tracks follow the same beat and rhythm which although if you're a Doom fan you'll enjoy it, it gets a little tiresome to me. The third track "Crypt Key" keeps to the same formula in most aspects but the drums more technical and unpredictable, the drums are really what kept my attention throughout this song. Near the end of the album you have two songs "Hesperus" which is nearly 15 minutes, there stops being vocals about halfway through and the song goes super doom with incredibly slow and distorted riffs. The tempo of the song gains momentum and snowballs over the next few minutes until an incredibly abrupt and questionable stop at the end. "Kingfisher" is also 14-15 minutes long but this song is a bit more enjoyable of a listen. There's a lot of unique guitar work in this song with solos that are a bit quick for Doom and what you've heard thus far, but don't sound out of place. Again the song will slow down at a point but it remains interesting mostly thanks to the musicianship in the drum work.

In the end, Doom. There isn't much more to say, "Grief's Infernal Flower" is a long album Doom album which isn't that surprising, that shows a lot of talent of everyone in the band. It suffers in some places from the traditional "songs will blend together" thing that Doom had, but can also surprise you quite a bit. If Doom is your thing, this is a must have Doom album. If Doom isn't your thing, this is a should have Doom album. WINDHAND wrote something traditional but still unique.

7 / 10


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"Grief's Infernal Flower" Track-listing:

1. Two Urns
2. Forest Clouds
3. Crypt Key
4. Tanngrisnir
5. Sparrow
6. Hyperion
7. Hesperus
8. Kingfisher
9. Aition

Windhand Lineup:

Dorthia Cottrell - Vocals
Asechiah Bogdan - Guitars
Garrett Morris - Guitars
Parker Chandler - Bass
Ryan Wolfe - Drums

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