Blood Maker

Wild Throne

For a three-song debut EP, WILD THRONE has made an early statement with earth shaking […]
By David "Capt. Fury" Garlow
March 3, 2014
Wild Throne - Blood Maker album cover

For a three-song debut EP, WILD THRONE has made an early statement with earth shaking sound from the ethereal underworld while giving praise to the Metal gods of old. Insane tempo and timing changes, wild leads, a lot of reverb/echo and screams to go along with intense vocalizations create an atmospheric hyper-thrust into the far reaches of space only to grab you by your melting face and slam you back to earth. In short, if this young band is already making music like this the world is on notice.

The bands video for "Shadow Deserts" looks like a modern day amped up and louder version of Nirvana and has the same impact visually as the musical assault leaves you blown away. Must be something in the water in the state of Washington as some of the most impactful music hails from the great northwest of the USA, these guys are from Bellingham, which is closer to Vancouver than Seattle. WILD THRONE is not writing short mindless music either, while the NIRVANA comparison is merited, they evoke qualities more closely associated with one of this reviewers Top-5 bands MASTODON.

"The Wrecking Ball Chain" runs just over 6 minutes in length and is a blend of aggression, emotion, and soul introspection. These guys can write too, witness part of the lyrics:

"The confusion of time and death
As it falls through your hands.
The illusion of Jesus before you
And visions from heavens above.
Purging all who have left us behind
With guns to their hearts.
There's a kingdom inside to protect from destruction
And reign.
Dangling from the wrecking ball unchained."


Delivered with emotion and power with some big sweeping chords as the bass and drums assault you from every angle; they render you a matted bloodied mass of flesh. Devastating delivery. Pure musical utopia.

WILD THRONE is currently headed to Texas for some shows and we can only hope to see their route expand so the rest of us can experience this incredible vortex of sound.


10 / 10


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"Blood Maker" Track-listing:

1. The Wrecking Ball Unchained
2. Shadows Deserts
3. Blood Maker

Wild Throne Lineup:

Joshua Holland - Guitar / Vocals
Noah Burns - Drums
Jeff Johnson - Bass

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