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When it come the time to analyze the Modern way of conceptualize the contemporary AOR […]
December 30, 2015
Wigelius - Tabula Rasa album cover

When it come the time to analyze the Modern way of conceptualize the contemporary AOR sound, the mighty Nordic land of Sweden is obviously at the first row!

When it comes to quantify, to set a process of re-qualifying the good health of the style and to redefine the old engaging definition, and the entertaining motto- aka ear candy perception - of this established and noble genre: the Swedish musicians elite are owner of a real expertise, still standing head and shoulders way above all the contenders and the remaining pretenders incompetition.

The demonstration is easy to make, the names will too numerous for a complete inventory. Let's say that lately some acts that are ranked in the pinnacle like NAKED/DEGREED/W.E.T./RADIOACTIVE/H.E.A.T. or LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM are constantly provided some intensive yet subtle releases in the key of the catchy sing-along mania, with a strong focus in elegance in spite of the difficult and ever changing market!

Since its formation in late 2011, WIGELIUS was engaged in this path, created and fronted by Anders Wigelius (winner of a popular TV Programm on the National Swedish channel) prominently helped by his brother Erik on Drums plus a few others talented players notaly gifted guitar player Jakob Svensson!

Promoted with a efficient marketing campaign, then boosted, and encouraged with a promising Frontiers Records contract under their belt, the juvenile band cultivates the vision of a refined 80's Radiophonic Melodic Rock with a modern twist and perhaps an unexpected impact. Now it's time, to confirm their status of new hope, the debut album "Inventions" in 2012 received high praises in a worldwide scale by all the AOR Specialists. And of course the expectations on the sophomore album are stellar, but I believe that the challenging task is more than fulfilled, with a triumphal success to come, even maybe taking it to one step further!

The members of the WIGELIUS clan have gained a lot of experiences, in the four years gap. Notably while in the technical side working as studio team under the guidance of Erik Wigelius with Swedish fellows CARE OF NIGHT ("Connected" is among the outstanding album released by AOR Heaven in 2015). Musically the sound has matured and their skills have been improved, yet the Wigelius Brothers and Co are on an unstoppable rise, climbing higher and higher, on a prosperous wake of achievement!

The anthemic "Please Please Please" is the exact compromise between DEF LEPPARD and H.E.A.T. while the opener dancing pace of "Do It All Again" or "Long Way From Home" is borrowed to the groovy entertainment of both WINGER and early HAREM SCAREM enhanced with the same additional irresistible multi-layered chorus, same for "These Tears I Cry" with perhaps a little accent that recall the 80's sound of NIGHTRANGER/DAMN YANKEES and those flavors!

Each track could have been graded and put to the test in order to find which is the best, I believe that with the exception of the closing number "Ma Cherie" (I don't know maybe my beloved French mother tongue isn't the best idea for those Swedes) the constant stream of quality is regular all over this beautiful collection influenced by the golden era but still in connection with the modern twist and the actuality mood (like "9 Out Of 10" where the voice parameter is similar to the contemporary Sebastian Bach's inflexions).

"Déjà Vu" is quite ambitious and exciting, so the French language isn't guilty after all. Indeed a very diverse disc based on a well known recipe full of attractive hooks in galore but combined with subtle arrangements and above all crafted with a tasteful sense for the melodies.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Tabula Rasa" Track-listing:

 1. Do It All Again
2. Deja Vu
3. These Tears I Cry
4. Long Way From Home
5. Set Me Free
6. Yesterdays News
7. Time Well Wasted,
8. 9 Out Of 10
9. Run With Me
10. Love Is The Key
11. Please Please Please
12. Ma Chérie

Wigelius Lineup:

Anders Wigelius - Vocals
Jakob Svensson - Guitars
Erik Wigelius - Drums
Patrik Janson - Bass

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