Night Time Riders

Wicked Smile

: Get ready for high voltage classic hard rocking from the land down under.
December 30, 2023

Australia’s WICKED SMILE are all about bringing back fist pumping heavy rock to the forefront. After releasing one of the Albums of The Year in 2021 with their debut “Wait For The Night” produced by Paul Laine (DANGER DANGER, THE DEFIANTS) the boys are now ready to unleash the next chapter of wicked music with the self-release of the EP “Night Time Riders” on December 1, 2023. Influenced by the likes of metal heavyweights DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, OZZY OSBOURNE and SKID ROW, the band have written four up tempo guitar driven anthems with soaring lead vocals by mega voice Danny Cecati. Lyrically exploring current issues within society such as civil unrest, bullying and mental health that provide thought provoking but not the cliché lyrics one would expect from this style of hard rock. Ummmm, no sex, drugs, and rock n roll, so I guess I’ll put my bong and whiskey bottle away, turn on Fox News and see where WICKED SMILE takes us.

No fucking around on the opening track “Night Time Riders” letting us all know we’re in for a heavy duty, slamming ride with a pounding riff and thunderous backbeat as the explosive vocals take over with a perfect balance of clean and screams layering delivering an edgy attitude yet rollicking overall song. “Edge of Madness” is a true “fist pumping” rocking tune with a darkened, infectious melody simmering away like an evil potion on the fire fueled by the disheartening lyrics of a world gone wrong “an abuse of power, a thin red line, we’re in the final hour, and running out of time”. “Never Surrender” is straight forward nasty and meaty rocking chops of aggressive guitar domination that grabs you by the balls from the opening cord and never lets loose. “Scream ‘n’ Shout” has you singing along from the very first note providing heavy riffs and licks backed by a nice textured guitar solo that pulsates throughout the song, providing a “rock anthem” feel and sound.

To deliver such a hearty magnitude of down and dirty classic hard rock in only four songs is damn straight impressive. “Night Time Riders” is a true metal experience for all headbangers.

10 / 10









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"Night Time Riders" Track-listing:


1. Night Time Riders

2. Edge of Madness

3. Never Surrender

4. Scream ‘n’ Shout

Wicked Smile Lineup:


Danny Cecati – lead vocals
Dave Graham – guitars
Stevie Janevski – guitars
Tom Nugara – bass
Jason Tyro – drums


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