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Who On Earth's New album Blame has arrived! Songwriters Andrew Couch & Pete Rizzi "get […]
By Brynn Kali StarDew
January 3, 2023
Who On Earth - Blame album cover

Who On Earth's New album Blame has arrived! Songwriters Andrew Couch & Pete Rizzi "get real" right off the bat, they really aren't messing around here folks because the song "The Price" is a reference to the old saying there ain't no such thing as a free lunch" "H8-Triarch" This song kind of reminds me of Rob Zombie, but Rob Zombie is better. The song overall is honestly not bad rock and roll, but it's nothing new. Track four "Down & Out" Has kind of sad lyrics but I can sort of relate to them in some ways though like being the one to cause suffering to others. Positively beautiful shredding at 2:30 and on the whole a powerful Ballet. Next comes "Unbeaten" upon first impression I wasn't impressed but this song is surprisingly good as they really switched up the melody and tempo which was refreshing. I'd even go as far to say they have a "post-post psychedelic sound"

One of the more interesting drum tracks of the album " We Don't Belong Here" their drummer Joe D'Aqui really shines as you hear the singer's voice together and it just lends the band the power I think they are really looking for in this genre. It also has a good hard rock sound and it makes me happy to see them living to their names sake of "who on earth will bring rock back". I watched the video for "Monster In a Jar" Some good classic metal here which should be fun for the whole family this Holiday Season! Track nine "On The Brink" really embodies working people on the brink of collapse because of what's going on in the world and how we need to just "push on through" when times get tough. "Watch The Fires Burn" is a hardcore Jam with some utterly Satanic drums and Vocals. "With Hell of a price to pay!" The Break around 4:30 was cool too; I haven't heard anything like that in years!

As For the Final track of the album "Ascension/Unbeaten" upon first examination the intro sounds like the intro for a movie trailer... avatar? I found later though it to be a beautiful acoustic song about love, and life. Very Classy and well Done. Blame is one of the Best albums I have reviewed this year and I wish them the best on their musical journey. If you like good Hard Rock you won't be disappointed by blame trust me!

8 / 10









"Blame" Track-listing:

1. The Price
2. Black Swan
3. H8-Triarch
4. Down & Out
5. Unbeaten
6. We Don't Belong Here
7. Set Me Free
8. Monster In a Jar
9. On The Brink
10. Watch The Fires Burn
11. Ascension/Unbeaten Acoustic Ver.

Who On Earth Lineup:

Andrew Couch - Lead Vocals
Pete Rizzi - Bass/Vocals
Joe D' Aqui - Drums
Mike Orlando -Guest Guitarist

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