The Purple Album


Of course, it's easy to predict the commercial success of such an enterprise, and of […]
By YngwieViking
May 11, 2015
Whitesnake - The Purple Album album cover

Of course, it's easy to predict the commercial success of such an enterprise, and of course, it's easy to be a little sarcastic and even cynical concerning the fact that David Coverdale & Co need to re-record some of the most anthemic classics from the DEEP PURPLE Mark III/IV era...Inevitably the Adult music intelligentsia and the Classic rock apparatchiks will teach us very soon their bitter & narrow views, a protocol in denying the interest of this album by some pejorative considerations...Well, in fact I don't care at all...Those songs are still amazing and the players are among the best... That's a fact!

The initial idea goal is fulfilled in a stellar method, celebrating the legacy of the Purple...The new subtle musical arrangements for some of my favorite songs are thrilling ("Might Just Take Your Life"), alternatively in the new versions that are reworked with a more modern approach, it looks like it has been rejuvenated by the contagious "Serpent Albus"' mighty venom, no need to to compare or compete with the superb original etchings... Songs like "Lady Double Dealer","Soldier of Fortune" and "Sail Away" are expanded in a new found light, energetic and powerful as ever !

From the mythical opening riff of the monstrous track "Burn" to the thrilling harmonies of the closing number "Stormbringer", the dream-team is in total control of their musical skills, the synergy between the Michael Devin's bass and the Tommy Aldridge thundering drums is stunning, while the dual leads of the pair Reb Beach/Joel Hoekstra are done in perfect sublimity...And the amazing vocal signature of David Coverdale is worth his full legend!

If like me, you're a still an Heavy Metal kid (well, not really a kid anymore...), if your passion for the original Hard Rock is still burning hotter than in your teens, If you're still hungry for more electric ritual... Then wait no further and come join the band for the ultimate feast, the Winter is over...And the Snake is wearing a new immaculate skin!

10 / 10


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"The Purple Album" Track-listing:

1.  Burn
2.  You Fool No One (interpolating itchy fingers)
3.  Love Child
4.  Sail Away
5.  The Gypsy
6.  Lady Double Dealer
7.  Mistreated
8.  Holy Man
9.  Might Just Take Your Life
10.  You Keep On Moving
11.  Soldier Of Fortune
12.  Lay Down Stay Down
13.  Stormbringer
14.  Lady Luck
15.  Comin' Home
16.  Soldier Of Fortune (alternate mix)

Whitesnake Lineup:

David Coverdale - Lead Vocals
Michael Devin - Bass/Vocals/Harmonica
Tommy Aldridge - Drums
Reb Beach - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joel Hoekstra - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Derek Hilland - Keyboards

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