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The Snake bites hard!' were my final words while viewing the ending titles of the […]
By Grigoris Chronis
December 14, 2005
Whitesnake - Live - In The Still Of The Night album cover

The Snake bites hard!' were my final words while viewing the ending titles of the promo DVD. And how could this be out of sense? For starters, just check the setlist displayed above this specific review. Then take a look at the names of the musicians 'surrounding' Mr. Loverman onstage. Not convinced yet? Remember the last time you saw Whitesnake performing live (if not applicable, the mere apparent excuse is that the band never came to your town, otherwise objection overruled). Still an unbeliever? Read below and grab the godamn DVD a.s.a.p. first thing on January 27th, 2006!
Recorded in October 2004 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, UK, Live - In The Still Of The Night (and not The Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues Show as initially announced) really put me 'in' the picture. With vivid memories from the band's gig in Athens in June 2003 - thumbs up for Nat's presence and souvenir! - I couldn't keep away from behaving as a normal Hammersmith (Live In The Heart Of The City was also recorded there 22+ years ago...) attendee. You see, apart from the living thing, it's like Aldrich (Lion, Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain, Dio) or Beach (Alice Cooper, Winger, Dokken) or Aldridge (Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent) kinda guarantee your total live satisfaction! I always wonder how these Englishmen kept so 'in line' as an audience, to the hearing of tunes like...
Burn: Wow! A great surprise to hear this killer Deep Purple track as an opener! The band in great mood, the proper sound outgoing and Mendoza greatly filling in for Glenn Hughes on the bridge vocals section. All these under an 'updated' arrangement including a cut from Stormbringer in the middle! You gotta be Coverdale to start your show like this...
Bad Boys: Grabbing the mic, David sends dozens of fury running undercover the moonlight and his voice still is so stunning! A rather Metal version of this 1987 classic with steamrolling double-bass drumming by Aldridge.
Love Ain't No Stranger: Slide It In's anthemic tune (1983) creates a 'fresh' eerie vibe and it starts getting quite clear that Aldrich handles quite more of the lead guitar duties, leaving Beach someway in the background. Reb's an A-class guitarist and I really found this - the whole show included - somewhat strange. Dunno...
Ready An' Willing: The stage's on fire and even the most 'I'm bored' London people seem to cheer up. Coverdale's running all over the stage while Mendoza guides the orchestra like a certified mind-reading maestro. Enough sweat to lead the Apollo to...
Is This Love: Another 'updated' arrangement of this 1987 classic, lighters in the air, girls memorizing their own 'dream hero' while Aldrich tames the beast with a gracious guitar solo. Still, the lethal weapon for this tune was Drury. Even if 'veiled' (all of the time)...
Give Me All Your Love: another 1987 beloved and Hammersmith welcomes this tune the way it deserves. A passionate sound accompanied Coverdale's unique charisma of sending vital signals to every female in the world (my grandma included...) while 'playing' with the crowd in the middle of the song.
Judgment Day: The only Slip Of The Tongue (1989) song - FFYL is NOT credited as such, go get the rest of the 'Snake discography! - was exposed really 'hard' and Jimmy Page would gladly jam with Reb and Doug if invited...
Snake Dance: Doug Aldrich clears out the rumors regarding who's Dave's mate in this Whitesnake lineup. Case closed.
Crying In the Rain: The tune is a killer but everyone's waiting for the Aldridge 'naked hands +' drum solo. Already recognized as a classic Rock drummer, the man was - during the whole show - the driving force. I can estimate his heart's b.p.m. at the end of this song... Wise enough to carry on with...
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City: 'Diving' back to the Snakebite (1978) album, the whole idea is to listen to Coverdale's singing mode in 2005. Applause by the entire Odeon - plus me.
Don't Break My Heart Again: My all-time favorite 'Snake song and a 'fresh' aura of this 1982 classic. Flawless musicianship and an 80's breeze of innocence spreading all over.
Fool For Your Loving: What should we say about this one? Next one please...
Here I Go Again: See previous track's notes.
Take Me With You: Rock 'n' Roll! A great surprise - not many of the fans recognized this at first, myself included - presenting the whole gang in a demonic 'shape' while delivering tons of sweat. Bravo!
Still Of the Night: A rather 'raw' version, with both Beach and Aldrich 'fighting' 'till death while Coverdale handled the vocal lines with sufficient expertise. Ok, we all know it's not 1987 anymore... The perfect closer!
Summing it up, it's out of any question if the band's performance was convincing (even Coverdale's a capella excerpts of Only My Soul or Soldier Of Fortune) or not! In addition, thirteen cameras used for this footage - some of them in 'black/white' mode - ensure the brilliant result. Don't know if the normal release will include any extras - the promo release didn't - but believe me this doesn't matter. The 'main dish' is about to be served and you'll find yourselves 'starving' for your piece of the 'Snake-pie, even in the Still Of The Night!

8 / 10


"Live - In The Still Of The Night - DVD" Track-listing:

Bad Boys
Love Ain't No Stranger
Ready An' Willing
Is This Love
Give Me All Your Love
Judgement Day
Snake Dance
Crying In the Rain
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Don't Break My Heart Again
Fool For Your Loving
Here I Go Again
Take Me With You
Still Of the Night

Whitesnake Lineup:

David Coverdale - Vocals
Doug Aldrich - Guitar
Reb Beach - Guitar
Marco Mendoza - Bass
Timothy Drury - Keyboards
Tommy Aldridge - Drums

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