White Arms of Athena

White Arms of Athena

WHITE ARMS OF ATHENA, a weird and bizarre moniker for an even more strange music […]
By YngwieViking
February 6, 2015
White Arms of Athena - White Arms of Athena album cover

WHITE ARMS OF ATHENA, a weird and bizarre moniker for an even more strange music vehicle.. With the labeling tag of the famous Prosthetic Records "White Arms of Athena" is unsurprisingly an Experimental/progressive item.

Slightly ethereal, floating in a nonsense method, like inept and weak Jazzy influences borrowed to BJORK's out of this earth ambiance, another cerebral Sludge album by this bunch of youngsters hailing from Texas, this is their sophomore cd after the first full-length, "Astrodrama" (2011)! But for me the Prosthetic Records stamp is always synonym of quality, yet the company carries some very talented band with a high profile category of players and a quite intellectual meaning... Sometimes a little in the artistic abstraction but this time it's a total disappointment, a real disaster... Damn!

The descriptive sheet is stating about the band being a modern Heavy Metal outfit... Sorry, but my quote for requalifying the band's direction will be : "Out of Tune Alternative Pretentious Screamo Psychedelic Noisy Post-Prog Jazz Core"...You still think it could be interesting? Then think again!

This description will fits perfectly this disc, filled with numerous quirky track of layers of white noise, lots of uncertain pace, embarassing awkward themes, unstructured motifs in a total chaos of dissonant sound!

WHITE ARMS OF ATHENA are the new masters in the art of lacking the first idea of a song, missing the beat of a groove giving boredom a new name... No really it's not for me!

Maybe I'm too old, perhaps they have an hidden talent... No. Avoid at any cost!

1 / 10

Run Away!!!

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"White Arms of Athena" Track-listing:

1. Truth, The Greatest Lie Ever Told
2. Heavy Sleep
3. On The Edge
4. Time Is Nothing (Or Maybe Just One Thing)
5. This Transition
6. Manifest; Withdrawal
7. Participating In and Awakening To The Cycle
8. The "I"

White Arms of Athena Lineup:

Andrew - Guitar
Austin - Drums
Colin - Guitar
Josh - Vocals
Tom - Bass

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