Suicide In B Minor

Whispers In Crimson

WHISPER IN CRIMSON are an Iranian progressive-metal band based out of the capital city of […]
By Chelsea Jennings
February 16, 2015
Whispers In Crimson - Suicide In B Minor album cover

WHISPER IN CRIMSON are an Iranian progressive-metal band based out of the capital city of Tehran. WHISPERS IN CRIMSONS'S latest release "Suicide In B Minor": is a reflection of hte political views of founding member Amarili Nourbakhsh who had his political and world views largely influenced by the revolution in Iran that overthrew the Shah back in 1979. When this happened Nourbakhsh was only 13 years old, but it would largely shape the life he would lead in the years to come. At 17, Nourbakhsh left Iran with his family to seek a better life in America where Nourbakhsh went to University and majored in English literature which drove him to further study topics including international relations, economics, and diplomacy where he received a Masters' degree. Nourbakhsh went back Iran in 1994 with a renewed determination to stay there this time, no matter what it took. Nourbakhsh's passion for peace and justice fueled inspiration behind Suicide In B Minor.

The album "Suicide In B Minor" seems to be traditional Progressive Metal with a lot of the openings to the tracks sounding like Symphonic music, before breaking down into more traditional Prog Metal sounds during he choruses and the sung parts of the sound, discussing the things that influenced and changed the life of Nourbakhsh from living in Iran to coming to the US and returning in 1994. "The Cask of Amontillado" talks about all the senseless violence that Nourbakhsh witnessed during his childhood and teen years as the revolution swept across Iran. The violence confused Nourbakhsh as it seemed to be ruining things more than helping change come about in a productive way. "Coming Home" is a huge track on the album as it is the emotional piece of Nourbakhsh coming back to Iran after six years away, and both hoping that things were how they used to be, but also knowing that a lot would be different. It's the emotional homecoming that Nourbakhsh has to handle that tests his resolve to return to his homeland of Iran. "Do You Believe" is the personal anthem for Nourbakhsh that he believes his life can return to what it used to be before he left for America. Nourbakhsh thinks that the entire violent and deadly facade during the revolution in his homeland was not necessary, but now he wants to move on in life, and go back to living his life. "Nightmare Within A Dream" talks about how exciting it is to be going home, but yet the fear that things will never be the same again.

The entire album is really soothing and somewhat relaxing to listen to. The album comes off as very reflective in nature it shares the past experiences of Nourbakhsh's life, and his pat experiences seeing his homeland of Iran go through all it has gone through.

Overall, the entire concept makes the listener realize that no matter where someone is from, it's clear that we all love and cherish our homelands. It makes it clear that sometimes things change, and sometimes its for the best or worse, but there is always a way to resolve things without turning the violence that can tear people and countries apart. It ruins lives when violence erupts, and while there are other ways to handle problems. This album is a great reminder of that.

8 / 10


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"Suicide In B Minor" Track-listing:

1. Cask of Amontillado
2. Coming Home
3. Do You Believe
4. Nightmare Within A Dream
5. Project Sinister
6. Suicide In B Minor
7. US For Fools

Whispers In Crimson Lineup:

Amirali Nourbakhsh
Hadi Kiani
Jalal Ghdami
Arash Pajand Moghaddam
Herbie Langhans

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