Whispering Tales

WHISPERING TALES is female fronted Heavy / Symphonic Metal from Marseille in France. Band was […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
February 11, 2015
Whispering Tales - Mechanism album cover

WHISPERING TALES is female fronted Heavy / Symphonic Metal from Marseille in France. Band was formed in 2006 and released album "Echoes of Perversion" in 2011, EP "Ad Abolendam" in 2012 and fresh album "Mechanism" in 2014.

My favourite track is "Broken Expectations"with nice piano, heavier guitars, melodic sounds, and what a brilliant solo! The longest song "Tempus Fugit" lasts over 9 minutes and is very interesting with great modern keys, Symphonic elements, violins, and heavier riffs! It's a catchy track with opera vocalcs that remind me of NIGHTWISH. Inside is incredible guitar solo, and generally this song is epic one!

Opener "Shattered" has fine piano and stronger guitars inside with powerful rhythm. The opera style vocal of the singer is excellent, together with violins, piano and melodic refrain highlight the album. Heavier guitars with melodic chorus in "The Code" give true energy to listener and that's why I love this track too. Gentle vocal of Lucie sounds nice together with keys and guitars in Heavy Metal style. "La Garde" is awesome song with melody and fast drums - it is like NIGHTIWSH meets RHAPSODY OF FIRE.

Symphonic energetic "The Descartes Syndrome" has very memorable refrain with opera vocal and powerful rhythmic section. Totally different is gentle ballad "To Die a Second Time" with high style of singing and unbelievably gentle and choir in the background. Calmer opera vocal with catchy heavier riffs and energetic chorus with excellent solo are in memorable "Incomplete". Great choir opens "To Come Full Circle" and the male vocals remind me of THERION work and the female vocalist creates impressive nice atmosphere together with violins and here are even Progressive changes rate.

WHISPERING TALES is great band and production of album is on good level, inside are power, energy and melody! Their music shows the passion of the musicians in Symphonic / Heavy Metal with modern echoes and Progressive and Power elements. I'm impressed how they could connect heaviness with heavenly gentleness. I highly recommend to every Symphonic and Heavy Metal fan.

8 / 10


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"Mechanism" Track-listing:

1. Shattered
2. Broken Expectations
3. To Come Full Circle
4. Incomplete
5. The Code
6. Tempus Fugit
7. The Descartes Syndrome
8. To Die a Second Time
9. La Garde

Whispering Tales Lineup:

Stéphane Castelli - Bass
Bruno Stagliano - Drums
Jérémie Chabod - Guitars
Stéphanie Fenu - Keyboards
Lucie Vételé - Vocals, Flute

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