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Where Evil Follows

US based WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS was created in ashes of Knapp's former band ONWARD. WHERE […]
By Jess
March 21, 2015
Where Evil Follows - Portable Darkness album cover

US based WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS was created in ashes of Knapp's former band ONWARD. WHERE EVIL FOLLOWS is a Heavy/Speed Metal band that will appeal to fans of ONWARD and/or early 80's Metal and Speed Metal. According to the band the soaring guitar solos and riffs combined with soaring and intelligent vocals create a classic sound similar to MERCYFUL FATE, AGNECY STEEL, VICIOUS RUMORS, ect. Their debut album "Portable Darkness" comes in with eight tracks and a listening time of just under 34 minutes.

Track one "Reborn" starts off fast and doesn't let up. The track is very traditional 80's Metal. It's definitely something you'd hear on you local Classic Rock radio station. The guitars are beautiful. The instrumental quality is there. The vocals are OK. Not a style I listen to often but they aren't bad and they have a nice range. "Reborn" slides effortlessly to "They Came for Us". The opening of this track is wondrous. I really enjoy the guitar work again. The riffs are on point. I think the vocals slow the track down a bit. The drums and guitar keep this track just hammered down. The solo is gloriously preformed.

"Symbiotic" is musically my favorite track on the album. The vocals get harder with a backing growl. I liked the guitars and the drums in this track. The contrast between lead vocals and all backing vocals is a great depth creator.

"Oppressive Grey" is another track where the clean vocals either grew on me or the contrast between the growled backing vocals sold the track. Not only did the vocals impress, so did the lyrical content. Of course the guitars are incredible, as they are throughout the entirety of the album.

Each track is different and the guitar is really the highlight throughout. The vocals are OK. I prefer the tracks with the growled vocals a bit more, but the clean main vocals are good. I think the drum work could use some cleaning up. Just polishing up the loose ends will do a world of good.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Portable Darkness" Track-listing:

1. Reborn
2. They Came for Us
3. Symbiotic
4. Lifting the Veil
5. A World Away
6. Oppressive Grey
7. Disturbing the Priest (Black Sabboth)
8. Portable Darkness

Where Evil Follows Lineup:

Toby Knapp - Guitar
Dean Sternberg - Vocals, Bass

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