Thirteen Stars

When Trees Leave Wolves

German WHEN TREES LEAVE WOLVES was created in early 2011 with a unique and different […]
By Jessica R Harman
February 17, 2015
When Trees Leave Wolves - Thirteen Stars album cover

German WHEN TREES LEAVE WOLVES was created in early 2011 with a unique and different sound they call themselves a Southern Doom Rock band. They find influences in many different styles of music including Old Country, Classic Rock, Rock, Metal, ect. Some of the bands WHEN TREES LEAVE WOLVES are influenced by are DOWN, ALICE IN CHAINS, STONE SOUR, ENTOMBED, JOHNNY CASH, and so many more.

Through out the last five years, the band had been through many difficulties they finally were able to sign with 7Hard in June of 2014 and their newest album is due to release Febuary 13th. "Thirteen Stars" comes in with ten tracks and just at 46 minutes of listening time.

The album starts with an acoustic instrumental intro "Epitaph".  The two-minute beauty hints at some Folk influences and consistently grows in strength. This is a really good intro that shows a range of musical capabilities just through a small two-minute window. Perfectly done. Track two "Blackened Flow" is heavy in Rock. It's pretty gritty. This is where we really get to hear what the band sounds like. This track is Southern Rock at its finest. Vocals keep it at the gritty point. There are some really good bass riffs that completely compliment the guitars. The drums keep the pace and are good.

For the bass lovers "Catspaw" is a thing of beauty. Heavy in bass, this track a bit more melancholy than what else has been heard on the album this far. The guitars pick up the deepness a bit and the solo is gorgeous. The drums keep everything together, but are still great on their own. Vocals are crazy good. They are unique because the German accent is noticeable, but fits in perfect with the sort of southern style ruff and gritty clean vocals.

"C. g l i c" has some of the best guitar work on the album. Its creative and different and makes for a new and interesting sound. The vocals are also a bit harder on this track, leaving the vocals partially sang and partially screamed. An other track the hints more at Southern Rock, but with much more Metal elements in the mix. Almost all of the tracks are bass and guitar heavy. If you are a lover of the strings, this album is one you must check out. "Down Comfort", "Thirteen Stars", and "Shiny Contract" are all really very good musically for the bass and the guitars. Incredible Rock flows from the strings of WHEN TREES LEAVE WOLVES.

"Piss on Ya Law" and "Shiny Contract" both have great drum work as well. I feel like the drums are almost left out of the tracks unless you are really searching for them. Unless they are just so good they sink into the music instead of being apart of the music. The vocals are really cool. I've never heard vocals quite like these, and those vocals are always a favorite. I have always been partial to uniqueness in vocals and cryptic lyrical content; this album has both.

Check this album out. It deserves a listen. If you like a new sound or just something that has that Classic Southern Rock style with an infinite amount of musical elements, this a good one to pick up.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Thirteen Stars" Track-listing:

1. Epitaph
2. Blackened Flow
3. Catspaw
4. Part of the Clan
5. C. g l i c
6. Down Comfort
7. Piss on Ya Law
8. Thirteen Stars
9. End of the Road
10. Shiny Contract

When Trees Leave Wolves Lineup:

The Leprechaun - Bass and Banjo
Izzy Grim - Guitar
Orange Dragon - Guitar
Lionwolf - Vocals
Thor - Drums

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