Begin Again

Wheels of Fire

Italian Hard Rock band WHEELS OF FIRE are back, seven years after releasing their second […]
Wheels of Fire - Begin Again album cover

Italian Hard Rock band WHEELS OF FIRE are back, seven years after releasing their second album titled "Up For Anything." "Begin Again" represents a "step forward" for the band, with introducing a new keyboardist and the quality of songwriting from Davide and Stefano. The album contains eleven new tracks.

"Sratch that Bitch" has a down and dirty, sleazy sound, complete with a crunchy riff and the edgy vocals of David Barbieri. It sounds a bit like FASTER PUSSYCAT or ENUFF 'Z NUFF, with improved vocals. "Lift me up" is a mid-tempo rocker with keyboards taking center stage at times, while the guitarist lets out pig squeals. The chorus is full on, with backing vocals filling the void quite nicely. Stefano Zeni proves his axe skills in the glittering lead guitar solo. "Tonight Belongs to You" sounds like DANGER DANGER to me, with the melody taking center stage. It has the tender sound and listenability that you have come to expect in the genre. This would make for a perfect single. "Done for the Day" is another winner with plenty of vocal harmonies to go along with the main dirty riff. It reminds me of the great Glam bands of the 1980's...big vocals and a great guitarist.

"For you" is the "power-ballad" on the album, featuring alluring piano notes and emotional vocals. The emotions really come through in the chorus, with a big and rich sound. "Keep me Close" features another dirty guitar riff with plenty of squeals. The riff could be from BON JOVI or DOKKEN. That's the type of sound presented here. "You'll never be Lonely again" is a slower rocker, high with emotions. With a full chorus of backing vocals, you get that wonderful layering effect like DEF LEPPARD uses. The keyboards in this song are excellent, but I kind of wish they would feature them more. "Another Step in the Dark" opens with a darker sound, as the title suggests, and a bit more solemn tone. But, the melodies come driving through.

"Call my Name" opens with a cinematic effect, and then cool, poignant vocals. It has that longing quality to it, like your heart aches for something. Zeni lays down another fitting lead guitar solo. "Can't Stand it" closes the album. It's another slower song where the melody breathes in open territory, and the chorus comes in big and rich. The piano notes really set off the track at the end. Overall, I enjoyed the album. It wasn't anything that you haven't heard before, but they present it with an honest energy and big hooks that reel you in. As any Hard Rock/Glam band should have, they are strongest in the vocals and guitars.

7 / 10









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"Begin Again" Track-listing:

1. Scratch that Bitch
2. Lift me up
3. Tonight Belongs to You
4. Done for the Day
5. For you
6. Keep me Close
7. Heart of Stone
8. You'll never be Lonely again
9. Another Step in the Dark
10. Call my Name
11. Can't Stand it

Wheels of Fire Lineup:

Davide Barbieri - Lead Vocals
Stefano Zeni - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Marcello Suzzani - Bass
Fabrizio Uccellini - Drums
Federico De Biase - Keyboards

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