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John Wetton and Geoff Downes are not strangers in the music scene. John Wetton, on […]
By Maria Kallinikou
March 21, 2009
Wetton & Downes - Icon - 3 album cover

John Wetton and Geoff Downes are not strangers in the music scene. John Wetton, on one side, has played and sung for KING CRIMSON, UK and Geoff Downes, on the other side, with the BUNGGLES and YES. Having already a good background they came together in ASIA in 1981 until 1985, when their ways separated again. In 2003 Downes contributed to the writing and playing on Wetton's solo album Rock Of Faith, and since they saw that it was perceived well from the fans, in 2006 they released Rubikon together. Icon (Frontier Records) could be assumed as their third personal work.

With an enormous professional background and the collaboration in ASIA with the rest of members, who used to be former members of similar veteran progressive bands like ELP, URIAH HEEP and WISHBONE ASH, it would be surprising if Icon sounded much different then those previously mentioned bands. Hence, this release does not have radical changes. Wetton and Downes are old-school and here they use all the mastery they have gained through the years. Mostly, this album doesn't remind as much of ASIA as it reminds more of the other bands I have already mentioned. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when they started writing Icon they had just come back from touring with ASIA.

To complete the list, there is a bunch of well accomplished musicians participating in this album. On guitars, there's Dave Kilminster, who recently toured with Roger Waters and Keith Emerson, Pete Riley - who is considered one of the best drummers in the world - and in a couple of tracks you can hear the former ELO cellist Hugh McDowell. One last thing: the voice of Wetton will no way disappoint you, in case the idea that maybe the time factor has negatively affected it crossed your mind.

I tried to describe what to be expected; I will not rate this album. It is a distillation of the musical experience these guys hold, not only in composition but also in the production arrangements. For those that have BOSTON, STYX or any of the above underlined bands in your collection, then listen to Icon without hesitation.

"Icon - 3" Track-listing:

Twice The Man I Was
Green Lights And Blue Skies
Raven Really
My Life In your Hands
Sex  Power And Money
Anna's Kiss
Under The Sky
Don't Go Out Tonight
Never Thought I'd See You
Peace In Our Time

Wetton & Downes Lineup:

John Wetton - Vocals, Bass
Geoff Downes - Keyboards
Dave Kilminster - Guitar
Hugh McDowell - Cello
Pete Riley - Drums

Special Guests:
Andreas Wollenweider - Harp
Anne-Marie Helder - Vocals

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