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WELKINS BOREAL is a Finnish metal band that was formed in 2018 by songwriter Teemu […]
Welkins Boreal - Ashes album cover

WELKINS BOREAL is a Finnish metal band that was formed in 2018 by songwriter Teemu Kautonen, formally of NATTVINDENS GRAT. In 2018, the band released their debut "Phantoms of Yesteryear." Their music is rather varied; I can hear elements of traditional metal, Gothic, and even prog and power.  As a whole, I would say they are also rather atmospheric...their sound is more than varied enough to attract metalheads across the spectrum.  These three tracks seem to focus a lot of the various vocal harmonies and the layers that are connected by the keyboards. With that being said, there is plenty of guitar as well though it doesn't seem to be the focus as much.

The keyboards are one of the band's best elements; they sound theatrical, playful and add a certain charm to their overall sound.  Of course, keys are nothing new to the Gothic scene but they do it well enough.  Everything has been done before so all that matters is if you do it well, right? The opening keys on the first track, "Are You A Witch?" are a perfect example. The rhythm guitar is simple but very effective at helping push the songs in a heavier metal/hard rock direction. I like how the bass really stands out on it's own, holding down a solid foundation but remaining interesting. And how about that drumming? Crisp and clear.

The vocals on "Triumph of Steel" are the highlight this time, as they go from a gentle low voice to some light wails at the end. His voice is smooth and catchy, a perfect lead for the music. This particular track is slower than the previous but also jaunty with a folk/medieval feel to it.  This track exemplifies how adapt the band is at not sticking to any certain style but instead combining various elements into one smooth musical force.

The final track "Ashes" opens with a decent riff with bass peaking out from around its jagged corners. The drums and clean guitar make a fine melodic duo during the stanzas. The song builds up in intensity as it goes along but the vocal harmonies keep everything dynamic. It is incredibly difficult to judge a band on just twelve minutes across a few songs but what is here definitely has me intrigued.   I think it could be beneficial to the band to add a bit more depth to their songs and expand the length. Hopefully they put out another full length soon and show us what else they can do.

7 / 10









"Ashes" Track-listing:

1. Are You A Witch?
2. Triumph of Steel
3. Ashes

Welkins Boreal Lineup:

Teemu Kautonen - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keys
Aki Koponen - Guitar
Toni Paananen - Drums

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