WEEDEATER are a 3-piece "smoke doom" band from Wilmington, North Carolina in the USA. WEEDEATER […]
By Chelsea Jennings
May 21, 2015
Weedeater - Goliathan album cover

WEEDEATER are a 3-piece "smoke doom" band from Wilmington, North Carolina in the USA. WEEDEATER are signed to Southern Lord Records, and have just released their latest record "Goliathan" in May 2015.

WEEDEATER's sound is largely "doom-y" which means dark, heavy, slow chugging musical sound, combined with dark, heavy, growling, guttural vocals. The topics covered include dark topics such as songs like "Bully" or "Bow Down" that talk about about how people ruin their own lives by doing foolish things and others like "Claw Of The Sloth" talk about how cruel and rough life can be. These dark lyrics and topics, combined with the slow, chugging beats of the music WEEDEATER covers that "Doom" feeling quiet well. It's dark, angry, aggressive, and at time depressing as most "Doom" metal is supposed to be.

WEEDEATER write about many various topics that are authentic to real life. "Battered & Fried" talks about people who prefer to drink off and shirk life's responsibilities rather than take care of them as they really should be doing. "Claw Of The Sloth" talks about how cruel life can be, and how it can treat people like shit sometimes, but we have to be strong enough to keep living our lives. "Bow Down" talks about how some people are power-hungry, and obsessed with getting other people to bow down to them and pay attention to them in life. These are all things people face every day in life. WEEDEATER makes these very real-life topics part of their music through their lyrics!

WEEDEATER combine the idea of Doom Metal with Stoner Metal talking about drinking/drugs/etc. to create a unique dark, heavy, grovelling sound that is still in some senses melodic. It is a unique combination of metal that WEEDEATER have successfully perfected over their past almost 20 years together. Since coming together in 1998, WEEDEATER have helped made Stoner-Doom Metal a new genre that is very successful in terms of having a wide following with almost 115,000 followers on Facebook alone. "Goliathan" doesn't disappoint fans looking for a new Stoner-Doom Metal experience. WEEDEATER has yet once again delivered!

8 / 10


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"Goliathan" Track-listing:

1. Processional
2. Goliathan
3. Cain Enabler
4. Bow Down
5. Battered & Fried
6. Claw Of The Sloth
7. Bully
8. Joseph (All Talk)
9. Reprise
10. Benaddiction

Weedeater Lineup:

"Dixie" Dave Collins - Vocals & Bass
Dave "Shep" Shepherd - Guitars
Travis "T-Boogie" Owen - Drums

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