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While MURDERDOLLS are still on a hiatus, Wednesday 13 has been busy creating his third […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
May 26, 2008
Wednesday 13 - Skeletons album cover

While MURDERDOLLS are still on a hiatus, Wednesday 13 has been busy creating his third solo album under the title Skeletons. This title is a little bit different than the others since it does not share the same kind of horror humour; Wednesday 13 commented on the title by saying that this is a more personal album with songs that have been haunting him for more than three years. So, having that in mind let us proceed on the music itself.
The first thing I noticed during the opening track Scream Baby Scream is that the album has a heavier sound than the previous ones introducing an almost WHITE ZOMBIE feeling. Not that they have moved towards the industrial sound, but they do share the same vide through groovy rhythms based on low tuned guitars. Wednesday 13 uses the Alice Cooper influences to the maximum, fitting perfectly to the horror atmosphere that covers everything in the album. Just listen to the excellent and deep emotional tracks Skeletons and My Demise to see/hear what I mean. Actually, the lyrics are a very important part to the band's music dealing with themes that come from the old school horror/splatter movies that most of us enjoy watching. Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed became one of my album favourites with a heavy rhythm, due to the solid drum work, and the catchy definitely sing-along chorus lines. Some of you, could find some MINISTRY influences, especially in the repetitive guitar riffs that can haunt after some CD spins.
To my ears the album presents joyful music diversity with some almost Glam Metal references like in From Here To The Hearse bringing some very good  guitar leads and fills. Among the highlights there are the horror No Rabbit In The Hat and the addictive rhythm of All American Massacre that kicks in with these lyrics lines: …a family that slays together, stays together.
Yep, this is an album that will definitely make you move and drink a couple of beers more. Don't let the band's almost Marilyn Manson looks fool you because this is a Metal album and I bet that they sound better on stage! Well, after a couple months I will tell you whether I won this bet! Until that day enjoy the excellent video clip for I Walked With A Zombie below.
 Wednesday 13 - I Walked With A Zombie

8 / 10


"Skeletons" Track-listing:

Scream Baby Scream
Not Another Teenage Anthem
Gimmie Gimmie Bloodshed
From Here To The Hearse
Put Your Death Mask On
My Demise
With Friends Like These
No Rabbit In The Hat
All American Massacre
Dead Carolina

Wednesday 13 Lineup:

Wednesday 13 - Vocals
Nate Manor - Bass
J-Sin Trioxin - Guitar
Acey Slade - Guitar
Jonny Chops - Drums

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