Monsters of the Universe - Come Out and Plague

Wednesday 13

WEDNESDAY 13's latest album "Monsters of the Universe Come Out and Plague" was released on […]
By Calen Nesten
February 12, 2015
Wednesday 13 - Monsters of the Universe - Come Out and Plague album cover

WEDNESDAY 13's latest album "Monsters of the Universe Come Out and Plague" was released on January 12, 2015. While the horror rock genre is a bit cliché with its zombies, body snatching aliens and demons, WEDNESDAY 13 keeps it interesting.. Horror rock, to me, is one of the easiest, cheesiest genres to write, and also one of the easiest to fuck up. I enjoy it, but I always listen to new albums, even from my favorite horror bands, with caution. I have never really listened to WEDNESDAY 13 and I never got into THE MURDERDOLLS, so I didn't have high hopes for WEDNESDAY 13's solo project but I was immediately hooked. The album combines horror rock with industrial and metal elements, giving each song a unique feel. The album's story takes elements of classic B horror flicks like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" "They Live" and "Night of the Living Dead". In short, the album tells of an alien invasion that leads to a zombie invasion, which leads to the rise of many otherworldly creatures and ultimately the death of us all! It's easy to listen to a horror themed album once and forget about it until October, but "Monsters of the Universe Come Out and Plauge" is one of the unique gems within the genre that stays interesting. WEDNESDAY 13 accomplishes this by avoiding the usual sins of horror rock: sounding too much like THE MISFITS, beating the rockabilly horse to the ground, and shock for shock sake (I've probably used the word "horror" in this review more than Mr. 13 did when writing the album). I had to listen to WEDNESDAY 13's other albums to see if they compare, and honestly, they really don't. "Monsters of the Universe Come Out and Plauge" is completely unique; it seems more charged than his previous works, less campy and a bit more thought out. It's a great album that fans of WEDNESDAY 13 should thoroughly enjoy. On a side note, I was playing Resident Evil while listening to the album probably swayed my opinion, and it's highly recommended.<

10 / 10


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"Monsters of the Universe - Come Out and Plague" Track-listing:

1. The Fall of All
2. Keep Watching the Skies
3. Astro Psycho- Galactic Blood Drive
4. Come out and Plague
5. I Ain't Got Time To Bleed
6. Bloodline 666
7. Serpent Society
8. Bombs, Guns & Gods- This Is A War
9. Planet Eater Interstellar 187
10. I love Watching You Die
11. Into The Crop Circle
12. Over Your Dead Body
13. The Arrival
14. Monsters of The Universe

Wednesday 13 Lineup:

Wednesday 13 - Vocals, Guitar
Jason "Shakes" West - Drums
Johnny Chops - Guitar
Jack Tankersley - Bass
Roman Surman - Guitar

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