Rise Of The Legend

We Are Legend

What do you get when you bring together members of THUNDERBOLD, CORONATUS, ABRAXAS, and STORMWITCH? […]
By stephanie Hensley
October 17, 2013
We Are Legend - Rise Of The Legend album cover

What do you get when you bring together members of THUNDERBOLD, CORONATUS, ABRAXAS, and STORMWITCH? You get the highly impressive ensemble WE ARE LEGEND.

Expanding on their previous release; a four tracked self-titled EP, WE ARE LEGEND has returned with a full length album dubbed Rise of the Legend. You might be wondering, what do these guys sound like? With roots firmly planted in a foundation of heavy, progressive and power metal, this German based group adds some unexpected touches to forge their own sound. Most notably is the addition of melodic piano, which in tracks such as "Enemy Within" and "God is Dreaming" is quite subtle. In contrast, the piano in "This Holy Dark" is unmistakable and adds a unique atmosphere.

Songs are nicely varied and broken down a bit more; the vocals and instruments are all nicely diverse as well. Taking the vocal front, Selin Schönbeck (ex-THUNDERBOLD) has a strong set of pipes, and if that wasn't enough to bring to the table, he's also the pianist. Dueling guitars by Dirk Baur (CORONATUS) and Siggi Maier (ex-ABRAXUS, ex-STORMWITCH) are powerful, riffs are heavy and tight and the two complement each other well. Bass is by Dominik Burgdörfer, he and Heiko Burst (ex-ABRAXUS) on drums can't be ignored, both driving catchy rhythms with equal ferocity.

Tracks you just might find on repeat; "Hungry Mirrors" with its beautiful piano intro, strong drums and guitars, and crunchy guitar solo. "This Holy Dark" became an instant favorite with its catchiness, the unexpected timing changes that flowed seamlessly and soaring vocals. The tough as nails anthem "Enemy Within" ranked high on my list, as well as the catchy "God is Dreaming" for its heavy Rock groove. "Out!" was geared down a bit, showcasing the drums some before the piano kicked in and it really took off. Then rounding the album off nicely was a nice surprise at the end with "March of the Living".

Fans of Progressive/ Power Metal that enjoy acts such as CIRCUS MAXIMUS and KAMELOT might want to give these guys a listen. "Rise Of The Legend" is quite well done and highly recommended. 

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Rise Of The Legend" Track-listing:

1. Hungry Mirrors
2. This Holy Dark
3. Enemy Within
4. Birth of the Legend
5. Rise of the Legend
6. God is Dreaming
7. Out!
8. Only Time Can Tell
9. March of the Living

We Are Legend Lineup:

Selin Schönbeck - Vocals, Piano
Dirk Baur - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Siggi Maier- Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dominik Burgdörfer - Bass
Heiko Burst - Drums

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