Wasteland Valley

Fast made changes bearing their results, where perspectives and approach are having a slight shakedown, […]
October 13, 2018
Wasteland Valley - Pantheon album cover

Fast made changes bearing their results, where perspectives and approach are having a slight shakedown, ending up in a product which I think should be a cause for pride. I got acquainted with yet another Norwegian band, I was just introduced to another actually a few days ago, named WASTELAND VALLEY. This multiverse group is close to unleash its sophomore album, "Pantheon", via their own label Wasteland Music, and they have several surprises just waiting to be revealed for every listening ear. I guess that you are bound for a treat.

Let's be honest, listening to WASTELAND VALLEY's music will be a hard time for any person trying to label them. One of the main reasons why I liked "Pantheon" in general, was due to the fact that they are almost everywhere in the spectrum between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, whether NWOBHM, 70s Hard Rock, Stoner Metal, groovy Grunge, it's all there people, for grabs. I presume that there is an additional purpose, other than mainly a sense of devotion to these types of subgenres, it is also about marketable, channeling for a large number of folks that are bound to find interest in what the band has to say. Of course being diverse isn't enough, as there is a level of musicianship and songwriting to show for, however, I am positive that these guys can take a indisputable credit for these elements as well.

The first several of tracks of the album were decent, demonstrating the potential not so hidden within the band. I believe that WASTELAND VALLEY started rolling things around with the entrance of "Golden Opportunity", exploding with a powerful sense of groove, delivering quality melodies and a strong modern Hard Rock styled chorus to kick out the jams. Tor Erik Simensen's vocals, the band's latest recruit, are somewhat cold, a bit emotionless. I guess that there is less enthusiasm in his singing style, which is somewhat of a contradiction to the music, yet I was able to live with that. "Reach for More", also the album's lead single and video, is no less than an early NWOBHM tune, reminding me of DARK STAR's undying hit "Lady Of Mars", with a slightly different pitch. One has to admire the harmonic twin guitars efforts, the mid-tempo nostalgia and staggering soloing. I think that "Remains To Be Seen" is the entire package of WASTELAND VALLEY, their entire musical vision magically portrayed in a single tune. I don't know why but I was thinking of the glorious Vikings when listening to it, it has a kind of a majestic Norse feel to it. Expect to be dazzled by the band's impressive merits, a solid heavy evidence of high caliber that shouldn't be missed out.  Keep on exploring the band on "The Chamber", "No Place for a Queen" and "Take A Stand".

Once I noticed that there were close proximities to the DIO / RAINBOW style within the band's music, I tried further looking for more. However, I was hit by more than what I wanted and I was glad for it. WASTELAND VALLEY, as mentioned, has a lot to offer to the Rock / Metal listener, and therefore why their new release should be noticed.

8 / 10


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"Pantheon" Track-listing:

1. The Temple of the Gods
2. Masquerade
3. Twister
4. Golden Opportunity
5. The Chamber
6. Reach for More
7. Take a Stand
8. No Place for a Queen
9. Remains To Be Seen
10. The End

Wasteland Valley Lineup:

Tor Erik Simensen - Vocals
Thomas Kvaløsæter - Guitar
Christian Følstad - Guitar
Jon Erling Ringstad - Bass
Espen Gotvasli - Drums

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