Warlords of the New Electric

Wasted Theory

WASTED THEORY isn't a band for the easily offended. Their album "Warlords of the New […]
By Dave Nowels
December 11, 2018
Wasted Theory - Warlords of the New Electric album cover

WASTED THEORY isn't a band for the easily offended. Their album "Warlords of the New Electric" is a brash, corrosive sonic assault. No subtleness here, this is an eight track, 37 minute blast of power determined to test your speakers and your neighbor's patience. Self describing themselves as "American Weed Rock", WASTED THEORY is indeed that. A Stoner band to it's core, they cite influences ranging from ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY to CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.

With Jackson's vocals and the thundering pulse fueling the Delaware/Maryland band on, they more than once reminded me of truly a stoner version of MOTORHEAD. There's F bombs, illicit drug references, heavy riff laden guitar and a pounding groove throughout "Warlords of the New Electric".  What's not to like? Simply stated, nothing. It's a pretty fun album from a band that obviously doesn't take themselves too seriously. "Warlords..." opens with the open cymbal crashingness of "Rawhide Hellride", and immediately that earlier reference of MOTORHEAD comes crashing in like a blind, pissed bull in a china shop.

 "You've got the weed/I'll bring the coke". Well, okay then!

Next up, "Drug Buzzard" swoops in with a bluesy, 70's swagger of self declaration. Great wah fueled guitar solo, and a thunder like tempo made this one an easy favorite.  "Bongronaut" and "Son of a Son of a Bitch" pull no punches either as the titles suggest. I'm beginning to be convinced that these fellas could create a party atmosphere just about anywhere they land. Furthermore, I have no doubt that seeing them live has to render the audience as equally worn out as the band.

"Bastard County" has a slow nasty groove that seems too good to be true. Lyrics centered on a river, bring to mind a Southern deep-fried feel that just drips with electricity. "Heavy Bite" starts with what is probably my favorite riff on the entire album. Indeed, "You're never going to be the same". Whether it's the bong smoke, or an evil mist, there's something there waiting and lurking. Maybe, just maybe it's just the "Weed Creature" waiting in the fog for you. Coming at you with a breakneck pace, you can't avoid it.

This fun journey through comes to a close with the epically titled "Doomslut Rodeo". Yet another favorite of mine. There are no apologies to be found here. If these songs offend, WASTED THEORY simply don't care. They have a simple approach in this collection of anthems, if the band isn't your thing, no worries. Move on. Don't waste their space or your time. But if you dig MOTORHEAD overall feel combined with a heavier edge, WASTED THEORY is right for you.

8 / 10









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"Warlords of the New Electric" Track-listing:

1. Rawhide Hellride
2. Drug Buzzard
3. Bongronaut
4. The Son of a Son of a Bitch
5. Bastard County
6. Heavy Bite
7. Weed Creature
8. Doomslut Rodeo

Wasted Theory Lineup:

Larry Jackson, Jr. - Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Petkovic - Guitars
Brendan Burns - Drums

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