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Warrior Soul

WARRIOR SOUL is the hard rocking act that has been from New York City since […]
By John Foley
December 22, 2020
Warrior Soul - Cocaine & Other Good Stuff album cover

WARRIOR SOUL is the hard rocking act that has been from New York City since 1987. This band is the brain child of main man and singer and songwriter Kory Clarke. They have been rocking stages for quite some time now and this new album, Cocaine & Other Good Stuff, was released back in October and is packed with killer cover songs.
The album opens with "Good Times Roll" which was originally played by THE CARS. The band kicks in with that catchy guitar riff. Some really good vocal delivery from main man Kory Clarke and a flawless guitar solo. This version sounds a lot more hard rocking than the original.

Next we get the all time classic "Cocaine" which was originally played by J.J. CALE. This song has one of those iconic lead guitar licks that's played really well here with the second guitar adding more of a punch behind it and they really nail that solo as well. This song really sounds like the band are having fun with what they are doing. Warrior Soul also did a cover of guitar God JIMI HENDRIX and went with the song "Crosstown Traffic". With this one they really got that vibe down from the original version. HENDRIX songs can be very tricky to pull off and they did a very good job here.

A cover version of "D.O.A" by the legendary VAN HALEN and with this only released a few days after the late great Eddie Van Halen passed away it could be seen as a tribute to him. And it happens to be one of my favourite VAN HALEN songs. The really got right that riff that really packs a punch. Doing that guitar solo couldn't have been easy either but they pulled it off. And you gotta love that double bas drum outro as it speeds up.

A cover of one of the all time greats we have "Outlaw" originally by the amazing MOTORHEAD. With this cover the band really gets the grit of the original. The drums here really sound great and some really good guitar work too as the band really brought it with the dualing guitar solo. No one will ever be like the one of a kind that was Lemmy but a great attempt of keeping his spirit alive with this song.

And the last song, originally done by one of my favourite bands, we have "Living After Midnight" by the metal gods themselves JUDAS PRIEST and the band fucking nailed it. This is such a fun song to sing along too and the band ran with that. Would love to hear them playing this one in front of a live crowd. From listening to Cocaine & Other Good Stuff the band keep the feel from the originals but at the same time really make them their own. Filled with dirty sounding guitars and some great vocal work. This was a great selection of songs and you can hear WARRIOR SOUL having fun on all these tracks.

8 / 10









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"Cocaine & Other Good Stuff" Track-listing:

1. Good Times Roll (The Cars cover)
2. Cocaine (J.J. Cale cover)
3. Crosstown Traffic (Jimi Hendrix cover)
4. Cold Gin (Kiss cover)
5. D.O.A (Van Halen cover)
6. Elected (Alice Cooper cover)
7. Outlaw (Motorhead cover)
8. Firehouse (Kiss Cover)
9. Get Down Tonight (KC and The Sunshine Band cover)
10. American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
11. Living After Midnight (Judas Priest cover)

Warrior Soul Lineup:

Kory Clarke - Vocals
Dennis "El Guapo" Post - Guitar
Adam Arling - Guitar
John Hodgson - Guitar
Christian Kimmett - Bass
Kath Edmonds - Drums
Ivan Tambac - Drums
John Besser - Drums
Geoff Yeaton - Horns, Sax

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