Explosive Rock


In almost every walk of life there are always things that are superior to other […]
By Jon Glenn
July 15, 2019
Warhead - Explosive Rock album cover

In almost every walk of life there are always things that are superior to other things. Movies, food, music, etc. However, some of those other things sneak past us and are actually better than some of the superior things. Some B-side movies, and underground Metal especially. So fast forward to the Heavy Metal movement of the late 70's early 80's bands like KISS, LED ZEPPELIN, JUDAS PRIEST, even METALLICA and the start of the Big 4. Then the back end that seemed to not get that much attention back then, even if they are absolutely beloved by all of us now bands like KING CRIMSON, KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE and even more extreme like HELLHAMMER, VENOM, and BATHORY.

All of that to say that in 1981, WARHEAD formed and not long after they won the Miller Highlife Rock to Riches national contest that helped spark the careers of BON JOVI, and TWISTED SISTER! However, WARHEAD fell back into oblivion as an underground act after meetings with all of the big wigs like ELEKTRA, and Atlantic fell through. Now I can't give a definitive reason for why that happened, yet I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's because, well, WARHEAD just isn't that good.

There are some nice moments but overall it kind of falls flat. "Street Survivor" opens up the album with a cool bass line into an 80's riff that sounds all too familiar. Taking influence from all of the bands at the time it really shines in this song probably my favorite one on the record. "Highschool Girls" would be the anthem on the record although in 2019, I'm not sure if it really holds up. One of the other good moments is a nice cover of, "Schools Out" by ALICE COOPER.

Heaven and Hell released this compilation of old songs from that old school era. I'm not saying that it's not listenable, something to just have on. Nothing memorable to hang on too. Sounds like a cover band and in their own description on their bandcamp, "One of the more memorable gigs took place in North Carolina was when WARHEAD joined fellow rockers, and good friends Maxx Warrior (who later became National Recording Artist FIREHOUSE), for a jam session which included 'covers' of a handful of DEF LEPPARD tunes." So maybe what we have here is seasoned musicians here that seemed to just follow a pattern of Glam Rock and being young and not having any originality or any drive to make a career out of playing music.

5 / 10









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"Explosive Rock" Track-listing:

1. Street Survivor
2. Pick Your Poison
3. Tonight We Rock
4. Highschool Girls
5. Come on and Dance
6. School's Out
7. Cryin' Shame
8. Savior in Rock
9. So Strong, So fragile
10. I'm the One

Warhead Lineup:

Lex Scott - Vocals
Bob Emerson - Guitars
Greg Metts - Guitars
Erol Denizkurt - Bass
Bubba Rucker - Drums

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