Seven Sins


Hailing from Reunion, Le Tampon, WARFIELD are a Black / Death Metal band which fomred […]
By Mike Coyle
March 30, 2016
Warfield - Seven Sins album cover

Hailing from Reunion, Le Tampon, WARFIELD are a Black / Death Metal band which fomred in 2006. Though starting in 2006 Warfield have released an EP in 2010 titled "1848 San Mélé"; waiting until 2015, the band had finally released their long awaited full length release, titled Seven Skins

The record opens with an intro that, funnily enough, has a kind of epic electro vibe, which is interesting to be very honest as it doesn't really tell us what we're about to go into, but I guess that's the idea; whatever the reason the Intro really starts things off in a peculiar fashion.
Starting off the record properly we have the records second track "Chickungunya". The song begins with a very heavy charge of riffs which open the record hard and ready to strike, along with some very intense vocals that give this track a thunderous roar of smashing guitar riffs that stand out most of all. If anything, the track is slow and has a very different approach compared to most bands but really I feel this is what makes the track stand out as it means you have more time to appreciate the song and the elements that it builds on in terms of the writing style and musicianship that the band have to offer in total. It's easy to see that the band are fans of old school groove, as with "Chickungunya" it is able to present a very Sludge/Groove vibe really is pretty damn awesome as it adds that extra bit of heaviness that you would want from the band and really that is what you get and more. The band are able to incorporate a lot of ideas when it came to making this record as we go along into the records fourth track, titled "Run".

"Run" starts off in a similar style to "Chickungunya", meaning that the track itself is slow and follows in the same pattern as previous. I won't lie; I like it but, at the same time I don't love it which is to say I was expecting something else by going deeper into this record. I guess it can be said that if you feel comfortable in your space you should stay in it which is good for the band; then again at; the same time I really was expecting something else to pop out and surprise me.

Going through to the record's seventh track we have "Seven Skins", which starts off with a twin pairing of sinister riffs that open in a slow yet diabolical fashion, giving us a sense that the track has a different way of going about things compared to the previous few tracks. However, at the same time there is something about this song which puts me on the fence over the matter, as it feels like the band are trying their best by mixing things up on this song but at the same time it seems that some things just can't be helped. The song has potential to do something awesome but at the same time the track slips into a generic-sounding Metalcore with high pitch screams to back it up; I really want to try and like this but I really cannot find anything to about this to like besides the opening. The same can also be said about the album's eighth track, "Tangaty" which at first, makes you feel like the band are really trying to do something different but even still it feels like a breakdown fest mixed with riffs that fall short of the goal, which is disappointing to hear. It seems that the record has started off with songs that catch the eye at first but as we ease into the record it becomes another generic mash up of material we've heard a million times over.

I know that in the end the band, have worked hard to create this record, yet it seems that what I was expecting of this record was too much and I just hope for the band's next release they mix things up and find their sound.

4 / 10

Nothing special








"Seven Sins" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Chickungunya
3. My World Is Broken
4. Run
5. Human Wise
6. Born To Kill
7. Seven Skins
8. Tangaty
9. Mother Fonker
10. Darkside

Warfield Lineup:

Grégory Gagé - Bass
Eddy Pierret - Vocals
Guillaume Montauban - Drums
Alexandre Montauban - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Olivier Montauban - Guitars, Backing Vocals

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