Depicting The Macabre


Two promo releases were enough for this Swedish act to get a record deal with […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
February 9, 2010
Warfect - Depicting The Macabre album cover

Two promo releases were enough for this Swedish act to get a record deal with the Italy based label My Kingdom Music. So, WARFECT are ready to venture into the Metal scene with the debut full-length album "Depicting The Macabre". The band hails from Sweden -as said- and the musical direction is absolutely no surprise. WARFECT hit the stores with a melodic Death Metal album composed they way bands like SOILWORK, IN FLAMES and SCAR SYMMETRY do.

Well, in the "Depicting The Macabre" case you can forget the keyboards or samplers and consequently get a heavier sound that in times reveals a Thrash character. Actually, this Thrash approach comes with the riff based structure, the down tuned rhythm guitars and the solid drum work. You can 'feel' this approach in songs like "I Factor" where the SLAYER touches shine through a THE HAUNTED perspective with distinct fast riffs and a hearty double drum pedaling. The staccato rhythms can provide some quality headbanging time while most of the times screaming vocals lose the fight and lean towards the Metalcore sound. And this is not good to my ears! I mean this type of vocals cannot stand out and simply sound like so many other bands that try to 'shout' their way out from oblivion. Thankfully, the presence of guitar solos and additional tempo changes can separate WARFECT from the -core pile that simply digests the personality of every band.

So, what is the verdict for WARFECT's debut album? After listening to the album quite some times I realized that even though the music is well written and played it totally lacks personal character. The vocals kind of spoil the pretty good looks of this band that surely has more potential than what is shown here. Just like the PANTERA-sounding ballad "Never To Return" where the tension builds up and finds an outlet with the guitar distortion. Here, the vocals come with a new approach comprising an almost Stoner character that is topped off with some nice guitar phrases and an excellent solo. Personally, I would love this band to work more on this territory and why not shake off the plain and over-played Gothenburg brand.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Depicting The Macabre" Track-listing:
  1. Creation
  2. Heathen Reigns
  3. Depicting the Macabre
  4. Symbol Of Submission
  5. I Factor
  6. Supervised Life
  7. Never To Return
  8. Harvest Of Trinity
  9. Truth Untold
  10. Atrocity
Warfect Lineup:

Fredrik Wester - Vocals, Lead Guitars
Kristian Martinsson - Bass, Backing Vocals
Hakan Karlsson - Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mattias Kern - Drums

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