Heaven is for Sale (Reissue)


WARDANCE is a rare female-fronted speed metal band from Germany formed in 1986. They are […]
By John Paul Romeo
October 15, 2018
Wardance - Heaven is for Sale (Reissue) album cover

WARDANCE is a rare female-fronted speed metal band from Germany formed in 1986. They are one of the most overlooked and most criminally underrated bands in the history. Since the day they were formed, they only released one full-length record - and that is way back from 1990 and the album is called "Heaven is For Sale". The said album was re-mastered and was re-issued last September 17 of this year to make it available for the masses again.

The first notable change in the original version and the reissue is its album artwork. The artwork in the reissue is more vividly colored. The red shades were eliminated and each object in the photo are digitally re-mastered and colorized to create a higher definition of it. Also, the new album art has a few more details than the old one, like the phrase "Pope John Paul World Tour.." is now wholly shown, the dollar sign on the floor is also completed and everything else in the picture is completely detailed.

Music-wise, the notable changes include the reduction of the echoes which really helped a lot in improving the clarity of the songs. The bass and trebles are also raised a bit to make it stronger. The title track along with other classics like "Neverending Nightmare", "Destroyer" and "Death Caress" are now more enjoyable because of these changes. The drums also had a share of sound improvement - the snare and cymbals' presence are now more felt. The CD version also has five bonus tracks from their 1988 MLP "Crucifixion" and 1995 demo "Dance to the Beat of Life with the Spirit of Youth". The songs are "Chonda's Dream", "Killing Show", "Megalomaniacs", "Wild Beauties", and "Die Unendliche Geschichte".

Being treated with a classic album like this in year 2018 is really big. Although they were only able to pull off one full length album, the album is an undeniable classic and rare. Why classic? Because the band was formed in 1986, the golden age of metal when metal dominates pretty much any kind music in the world, and the album was released in 1990, when the revolution and evolution of metal thrives. Why rare? Because they are a female-fronted speed metal band in 1986. You don't always see or hear female-fronted metal bands at that time, much more in the mostly male-dominated field of speed metal.

8 / 10









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"Heaven is for Sale (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Heaven is For Sale
2. Destroyer
3. Believe
4. Neverending Nightmare
5. I Don't Love You Anymore
6. Overture
7. Don't Play With Fire
8. Death Caress
9. Paris in Fear
10. House of the Rising Sun
11. Friday the 13th
12. Blues
13. Chonda's Dream
14. Killing Snow
15. Megalomaniacs
16. Wild Beauties
17. Die Unendliche Greschichte

Wardance Lineup:

Markus Wawersich - Bass
Stefan Humbert - Drums
Franz Romer - Guitars
Thomas Heyer - Guitars
Sandra Schumacher - Vocals

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