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Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WAR AGENDA; signed via Great […]
December 13, 2020
War Agenda - Propaganda album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: WAR AGENDA; signed via Great Dane Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Thrash Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Propaganda" (released November 6th, 2020).

Since formation in 2012; the quintet in question have 2 Demos: "Shot To Pieces - Instrumental Digital Demo 2012" (released November 6th, 2020), "Demo 2013" (released July 22nd, 2013). A Single entitled: "Human Race" (released July 23rd, 2020), and 2 Full-Length Albums entitled: "Night Of Disaster" (released October 9th, 2015) then after that comes their 2nd album entitled: "Propaganda" of which I am introduced to, in their discography so far. 11 tracks ranging at around 45:37; WAR AGENDA arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Thrash Metal developments.

Opening up with an acoustic strum riff, "Sounds Of Oppression" starts things off with a daunting atmosphere; which showcases a haunting aesthetic until a blistering groove-bomb adrenaline fuels eardrums with monstrously meaty maelstrom manifestations within the titular track. Arming a brimming fabrication on amplified hooks, boisterously bouncy calamities and a rip-roaring ramification on riveting rhythms which skyrocket with trailblazing yet volatile stability. Shredding with razor-sharp vehemence that thunders with this primitive portrayal on solidly raw savagery that showcases speed ridden density, bulldozing into a barrage frenzy on savagely thudding versatility which viciously storms with tempestuous riffing mayhem. Mid portion; this sense of progressively technical rompiness forge a gripping dose of some vibrantly quintessential madness.

Consisting of Moustafa Troll on vocals, the frontman excels at a clean but high-pitched tightness on pipes that yell with raspy throatiness while soaring with shouty authority; distilling a rough pattern that screams with strong finesse. "Plan B" implements a chiselling hybrid on grindy experimentation, flamboyantly harnessing deadly firepower intensities which rampantly supplies virtuose pandemonium substance; while these sonically relentless organics surges with these twinning guitar attacks from Ingo & Raafat both element a dexterous dynamic on rapidly swift nimbleness while executing a weighty spectrum with impactful force. "Human Race" begins with this ominously but gnarly acoustic, ascending into a electrifying guitar riff, gravitating into a creative combustion on some killer laceration mobilities. Meticulously merging sulphurous panache, featuring an erratic but twitching guitar/drum duel from hammering drummer Hamdi; who unearths more amorphous-like bruisers afterward.

"United In Hypocrisy" hastefully slays with belting distortion expertise, steamrolling with vicious velocity while snarling with thumpy bass audibility from Marcel who thumps his axe with steely & stompy precision. Persisting with persevering quakes while rumbling with reverberating strikes, and distinctively distinguished pursuits that will rattle skulls while unleashing this malevolent characteristic for you to want the need to break chairs over other chairs as every member represents this berserking hostility.

"Silence Of Justice" injects an infectiously venomous kick, where the clobbering beats blow with pummelling mid-tempos until more speed intensities immersively thrills speakers with punchy result...while this impressive arpeggio flares this oppressive sweeping pattern with these more mellow vibes... until this unique double kicking grit conjures a galvanizing prod on melodious yet jarring flow in each instrument. Where elsewhere "Aparthied" examines crushing impulse on pile driving domination, almost imitating a modernized Metal anthem grandure in which triumphs with strong; neck breaking heaviness.

"Chaos Invasion" immensely pumps out this oozing propulsion on Bay Area Thrash mechanics, while a bevy on a blitzing consistency that reminds me of EXODUS a little unearthing this napalm ridden throttle on speed driven havoc (hence the title of the song of course). The vocals bellow into a deep shriek advancing into "War Of Nations"; with these slick yet slicey rhythm sections that salubriously rampage with unrelenting melody. The penultimate track: "Killer Disease" engages an intriguing but mellifluous noise that resonates with strong performances on quirky vibrancy, until the overall concluding belter: "Child Of Dreams" establishes conceptual spoken-word segments & melodic acoustics for a more varied splice of Thrash Metal mayhem that will motivate you off your feet in no time - a fitting finale for an already fantastic recording of vicious yet voracious songwriting musicianship revelations.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that WAR AGENDA certainly outdone themselves with their second recording. "Propaganda" delivered a prodigiously prestigious array of chunky Metal riffing, followed by an immersively intensive boundary on mighty yet some semi-prog remedies that are indefinitely worthy of replaying tenfold. What an album, lads! A discovery worthy of your time, money and collection that is for sure.

8 / 10









"Propaganda" Track-listing:

1. Sounds of Oppression
2. Propaganda
3. Plan B
4. Human Race
5. United in Hypocrisy
6. Silence of Justice
7. Apartheid
8. Chaos Invasion
9. War of Nations
10. Killer Disease
11. Child of Dreams

War Agenda Lineup:

Moustafa Troll - Vocals
Ingo - Guitars
Raafat - Guitars
Marcel - Bass
Hamdi - Drums

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