Night Of The Desecration


I am a big fan of Black Metal, I'm sure that's no surprise to my […]
By Will Travers
July 4, 2022
Wampyrinacht - Night Of The Desecration album cover

I am a big fan of Black Metal, I'm sure that's no surprise to my regular readers, there is something about it that really just strikes a chord deep within me, from the most grainy recordings on a little tape deck, all the way to those production masterpieces from the genres heavyweights. So, when I was given the opportunity to check out a group that I hadn't encountered before (not entirely sure how given their 27ish year age) You can bet I jumped at the opportunity. WAMPYRINACHT are a two piece Black Metal band hailing from Athens in Greece, with a fairly limited back catalogue, they have returned to the studio and are presenting their newest release "Night Of The Desecration", a nine track studio album offering up some dark, Occult Black Metal. The artwork looks almost like a watercolour, depicting an individual being crucified, looks great and would fit into anyone's library fine.

Opening the record, "The Fountain Of All Sorrows And Wrath", offers up some atmosphere before "Thorns For My Damnation" dredges into my speakers. A wonderful combination of blast beats, running riffs and a brutal vocal line. However, that isn't to be said that there aren't some stripped back elements that offer a more delicate (in relation) experience to the listener. The titular "Night Of The Desecration" is an 11 minute epic, showcasing the wide array of talents that WAMPYRINACHT have, including their musical intelligence and prowess, seriously it is so well put together and flows throughout without anything feeling forced, superb.

"The Church Of Thorns" is another beast altogether again. A full frontal assault, some typical brutal Black Metal that is just full throttle and exhumes energy and intensity, I love it. "Hammer Of The Angels"... Well, I might just start sounding like a broken record, it just shows another element of the band and what they are capable of and this is what has stood out to me the most throughout, that each and every track has been identifiably individual. With their own structures, stylings and prominent effects.

Some may have noticed that I skipped some tracks, and some of these were instrumental bridging tracks that gave me as a listener a welcome break to catch my breath before diving back in. Others, I just want to leave something to the reader to be able to discover for themselves, but believe me you won't be disappointed.

Overall, this album is absolutely amazing and I loved it, this is straight on every playlist that I currently have it is incredible. It takes elements of everything I love from Black Metal and delivers and diverse and driving album that any fan of Metal should be sure to check out. From the overt blast beats and riffs to the subtler melodic guitar runs in the back tracking, there is something special happening with WAMPYRINACHT and I want to be sure to keep my eye on them.

10 / 10









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"Night Of The Desecration" Track-listing:

1. The Fountain Of All Sorrows And Wrath
2. Thorns For My Damnation
3. Night Of The Desecration
4. My Angel
5. The Church Of Thorns
6. A Wanderers Journey
7. Hammer Of The Angels
8. ...Towards The Glimmering Star
9. Of Statues Wrecked And Ruined

Wampyrinacht Lineup:

Acherontas VP Sorcerer - Vocals
Auctumnus - Guitar / Bass / Keyboards / Vocals

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