The Tower

Vulture Industries

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Norway, the main Black Metal industry where you can easily […]
By Azmo Lozmodial
October 7, 2013
Vulture Industries - The Tower album cover

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Norway, the main Black Metal industry where you can easily lose your reality in a sequence of inhumane riffs and malicious atmosphere.  VULTURE INDUSTRIES is one of those Norwegian bands that embrace the firm Black Metal influences of the early 90's and mix them with the middle 90's Avant-Garde touches to form a mixture of music that can be recommended for the fans of ARCTURUS and EMPEROR. The band is producing this misty atmosphere since its formation in 2003, and the debut album "The Dystopia Journals" was a huge success and it helped the band to print its stamp on the Norwegian Metal scene, and then the band continued the success by releasing the second full-length album "The Malefactor's Bloody Register", and though the debut album was stronger, but the second full-length showed the consistence and the solidity of the musical structures.

As their newest offer, the band is releasing the album "The Tower", the third full-length album, to continue the success that the band has gained in the last albums, but for the first time the band is releasing the record by the grand label Season Of Mist. Though I always start my reviews with positive points, but I cannot hide my abomination toward the cartoony artwork, because somehow I expected to see a serious artwork influenced by the golden Black Metal era or at least something fresh. Musically, the band's style is limitless; the musical structure is ranging from the Progressive Black Metal stairs to the marching Avant-Garde spirit, which makes the music interesting for the Black Metal fans who don't like the raw sound or the repetitive Black Metal riffing that has been widespread in the Norwegian 90's Black Metal era.

"The Tower" contains of nine tracks that run for about 55 minutes, so it's not a short or brief journey, it's a long and interesting nightmare full of melodies and skills. The dynamic sound of the tracks "The Hound" and "The Dead Won't Mind" and the varied styles of vocals in the tracks "The Tower" and "Lost Among Liars" will remind you of the talented and breathtaking moments of ENSLAVED and BORKNAGAR. The active lead guitars and the Avant-Garde keys and percussion will setup the mood perfectly to let you enjoy the raging riffs and the perfumed-influenced and matured melodies. To be honest, I hated the album when I gave it the first spin, but when I let the tracks sink inside my ears I realized that this record is a real gem, a gem that has been designed only for the fans of the real Norwegian extreme Metal scene.

The fabric of this record is addictive, and I really enjoyed the professionalism of the arrangements, I will be keeping my eyes on this group and I am sure that the band will continue its success by releasing more enjoyable albums. Get your copy of this record now from Season Of Mist and start enjoying the unlimited.

8 / 10


"The Tower" Track-listing:

1. The Tower
2. Divine - Appalling
3. The Hound
4. Blood on the Trail
5. The Dead Won't Mind
6. A Knife Between Us
7. The Pulse of Bliss
8. Sleepwalkers
9. Lost Among Liars

Vulture Industries Lineup:

Kyrre Teigen - Bass
Bjørnar Nilsen - Vocals, keys, percussion and additional guitars
Øyvind Madsen - Guitars and keys
Eivind Huse - Guitars
Tor Helge Gjengedal - Drums and percussion

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