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I know this is a weird one, but how often to you get to review […]
By MetalWim
February 14, 2023
Vulture Box Set album cover

I know this is a weird one, but how often to you get to review a whole career in one go. This is due to a box of rereleases. That is why you will find a lot of information in the line-up section and the listing of songs that are available in this Box Set. Of course the albums are all available separately, but why not go for this Box Set, with all the extras that brings with them. It includes the demo's as CD, with a whole lot of extra's. Plus you get the other two as LP. There is no 4 LP box, unfortunately. If you wish to see which combinations are available, just go to the website of the record company Metal Warrior Records.

Now, about the band; VULTURE is a Dutch Heavy Metal band that existed in the eighties and early nineties. From their start in 1983 it became clear we were talking about some talented musicians, which some of them proved by joining other, very successful, bands afterwards. As usual in the Netherlands, the band had to make do by recording demos for a number of years. We are but a small country, and record companies weren't all that eager to sign local or national bands. Those demos soon became collector's items, and rightfully so. They all can boast quite a good sound, proper songs and exciting music. All that has now been rectified by Metal Warrior Records, by putting all their demos together on a double CD called "Flight of The Vulture". Add to that the unreleased Mini LP plus some extra recordings, and you'll find this to be very interesting.

The two albums that are also included in this box were originally released in 1990 ("Fatal Games") and 1992 ("Easier To Lie"), and they only enhanced the feeling that this band should have had a much larger following then they had. The style of Heavy Metal that is played by VULTURE is hard, heavy and uncompromising, whilst simultaneously being Melodic and accessible enough for a large audience to enjoy. As is very apt for the early nineties, you will get your portion of Thrash and Speed parts and songs, as that was the norm in those days. To be honest, "Fatal Games" is more Heavy Metal, and "Easier To Lie" is more Thrash.

It just shows the evolution that VULTURE went through as a band, and to have all that in one box is very satisfying. No, they won't take the world by storm, but I am sure that the old fans will lap this up and try and expose unsuspecting victims to the exciting bad that VULTURE always used to be. And I feel that there are a lot of bands and artists out there that would love to have the same opportunity.

7 / 10









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"Box Set" Track-listing:

Flight of The Vulture (Demos 1984 - 1989)
Save Your Neck Demo 1 1984
1 - Deathwish
2 - Heavy metal Violence
3 - Vulture
Breathtaking Demo 2 1984
4 - This Is the Place
5 - Don't Push Us Down
6 - Slough Of Despond
7 - T.F.J.
8 - The Circle
Chained 'N' Sahckled Demo 3 1985
9 -The Samurai
10 - Seduction
11 - The Circle
Wings Of Fortune Demo 4 1986
12 - Sands Of Time
13 - Savage Cry
DISC II Unreleased Mini-LP 1989
1 - No Turning Back
2 - Not 6 But 7 Dead
3 - Soldiers Sacrifice
4 - Symbol Of Fright
Live 1989
5 - Not 6 But 7 Dead
Radio-Session 1989
6 - Jingle Bell

Fatal Games (1990)
1 - S.O.S.
2 - You're Invited (To My Chainsaw Party)
3 - I Stand Apart
4 - No Romance
5 - Psycho
6 - Coitus Tormentus (Hard Love)
7 - Fatal Games
8 - Don't Pray
9 - They're Here
10 - Not 6 But 7 Dead

Easier To Lie (1992)
1 - Hatred At First Sight
2 - Near Death
3 - Remember Me
4 - Backwards
5 - Easier To Lie
6 - Alter Ego
7 - Kicked From Both Sides
8 - Greater Cause
9 - Forgive Us

Vulture Lineup:

Marcel 'Mac' Van Der Heyden - Guitars
Ed Van Savooyen - Bass

Flight of The Vulture (Demos 1984 - 1989)
René Debets - Vocals (DISC 1: 1-11)
Jan Zwager - Guitars (DISC 1: 1-11)
Richard van Leeuwen - Drums (DISC 1)
Robert Soeterboek - Vocals (DISC 1: 12-13, DISC 2)
André Tolhuisen - Guitars (DISC 1: 12-13, DISC 2)
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (DISC 2)

Fatal Games (1990)
Robert Soeterboek - Vocals
André Tolhuisen - Guitars
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (DISC 2)

Easier To Lie (1992)
Rick Ritman - Vocals
Pieter Oosterman - Guitars
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (DISC 2)

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