Drowned in Gangrenous Blood


Hailing from Greece, VULTUR is here with gore-soaked Death Metal that is sure to get […]
By Jon Glenn
October 2, 2019
Vultur - Drowned in Gangrenous Blood album cover

Hailing from Greece, VULTUR is here with gore-soaked Death Metal that is sure to get you thinking about the horrible darkness that is inside us all. Coming off their first full-length, "Entangled in the Webs of Fear," just a year ago, these maniacs are to provide another slab of putrid riffs and blood splattered songs on "Drowned in Gangrenous Blood."

Starting with an ominous bell, the murderous hymn "Groans of Excruciating Torture" sets the mood for the entire offering. There is great pacing throughout the song with a slower part around the two-minute mark, giving us a glimpse of the dual guitar that echoes throughout.

Next comes "Drowned in Gangrenous Blood." With a good gurgle sound clip to start off its aggressive riffing and dive bombs, it is clear that this is an infectiously blood-curdling riff-fest. With other classic song names like "Crushing the Ribcage" and "Postmortem Lividity," there is no shortness of grotesque riffing.

The production is not over-compressed and sounds very natural which may be the scary thing about these guys. It sounds raw and nasty and paints the perfect picture of what these guys are trying to do: in-your-face, deformed Death Metal to the max. No filler with at least one riff a song that stands out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Drowned in Gangrenous Blood" Track-listing:

1. Groans of Excruciating Torture
2. Drowned in Gangrenous blood
3. High on Adrenochrome
4. Return to Soil
5. Rigorous Voices
6. Devirginized, Butchered and Eaten
7. Crushing the Ribcage
8. Postmortem Lividity

Vultur Lineup:

George N. - Rhythm Guitars
Giannis Grim - Vocals
Bill Tsafas - Drums
George Wolf - Bass

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