Kraft is the debut album of Vreid, but actually the band isn't a new one […]
By Evi Tsitsi
January 29, 2005
Vreid - Kraft album cover

Kraft is the debut album of Vreid, but actually the band isn't a new one in the Black Metal scene. Vreid is the continuation of Windir - all of the band's members except Valfar, because of his death. Also a new member has been added to Vreid, who's called Ese (guitar).
Following the death of Windir's frontman, Valfar (Terje Bakken), in January of 2004 former band personnel Vocalist/ Guitarist Sture Dingsoyr, Bassist Hvall (Jarle Kvale) and Drummer Steingrim forged a new venture entitled Vreid. The group debuted with this album,Kraft, recorded during the Summer of 2004 at Hvall's Studio 1184 and mixed at Subsonic Society Studio, Oslo in October. The group did sign a deal with Norwegian Tabu Records for three albums, of which Kraft is the first one. Vreid is also announced as supporting act to Enslaved's 2005 European tour dates.
This is a not a typical Black Metal album and that's because this work includes many alternations and elements. They mixed Scandinavian Black Metal with some Thrash and Rock 'N' Roll paths very well. Really heavy, groovy and rocking guitar riffs. In many parts of the album there also are some nice melodic escapes which sound like a journey through dark skies. Every song of this album has its own spot and that makes it an interesting work.
The songs Raped By Light and Unholy Water move in the same level of aggressive Black with many Rock 'N' Roll riffs which sometimes remind me of Motorhead. Helvete is a beautiful Dark Ambient song with magic melodies which reminds me of Iceages. The seventh song, Empty, is completely different from the whole album and is an acoustic track with clean vocals, very melancholic but escapes from the whole album in a very beautiful way.
- Album Highlights: Raped By Light, Unholy Water, Helvete and Empty.

7 / 10


"Kraft" Track-listing:

Wrath Of Mine
Raped By Light
Unholy Water
Eldast, Utan A Gro
Evig Pine
Songen At Fangen

Vreid Lineup:

Sture - Vocals & Guitar
Ese - Guitar
Hvail - Bass
Steingrim - Drums

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