Fearless in Love


Electro Prog Metal outfit VOYAGER have announced their long-awaited eight studio album "Fearless in Love," […]
Voyager - Fearless in Love album cover

Electro Prog Metal outfit VOYAGER have announced their long-awaited eight studio album "Fearless in Love," out July 14th via Season of Mist. On "Fearless In Love," sweeping vocals paired with emotive lyrics inspired by the grit and glam of 80s and 90s film overlay heavy guitar riffs and percussion to create a sonic journey that pushes the boundary of what fans have come to expect from VOYAGER. The album has eleven songs.

"The Best Intentions" is the first. A heavy electronic opening combines with vocal harmonies. What follows is a sturdy offering of heavy rhythmic accents and meaty bass guitar notes. The song is a nice combination of bright melodies and fierce rhythms. "Prince of Fire" was the first single I heard ahead of the album release. It's a blazing song with Djent rhythms and soft, soothing vocals. When they drop to low tuning, it's like a bomb going off, and they can shift through these passages like an Indy Car driver. "Ultraviolet" sounds like something that you might hear on the radio in the 80's...it has pop sensibilities and wonderful melodies, but is not without a heavy backbone.

"Dreamer" is a shorter song with an electronic beat. Again, it has great pop sensibility to go along with the heavy rhythms on the bottom end. "The Lamenting" has drips of regret and sadness running through the song. It grows steadily heavier along with the weights on your heart, and by the end, you are overcome with emotion. "Submarine" is a bright spot on the album. The rhythms get going and you can't help but tap your foot along with them, and the melodies are fantastic. It's easy to get swept away with this song, and it might be the most melodic on the album. "Promise" is the second single, and like some of the other songs, it has a simple but very effective melody, and that might be one of the things that the band does best.

"Twisted" has a steadier and heavier mix of electronics and melody. It comes pouring out in the chorus, like water overflowing from a fountain. The bottom end of this song is supercharged with punishing, brutal elements as well. "Daydream" is wonderfully soothing, as the title suggests. It moves with the grace of a ballet dancer, and you can feel yourself drifting off while it plays, and it fills you with a warmth that brings a smile to your face. It will be hard to top this one. "Listen" brings familiar melodies with deadly rhythms. The melody is an unforgettable experience as well...it's just one of those songs that will linger in your memory long after it leaves.

"Gren (Fearless in Love)" closes the album. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, they appear with this slab of loveliness. It's downright dreamy, and the vocal harmonies will give you chills. This album does indeed push the boundaries of Progressive Music. Hell, it reaches in, grabs them by their stay-pressed collar, and chucks them out the window. Who would have thought that Progressive Music could be this fun? Chonky when it needs to be, and with complex rhythmic elements, the band chooses to focus on electronic Pop melodies as the main medium for the album, and what glorious melodies they are. Graceful and refined, the album throws caution to the wind and unabashedly blazes its own path.

10 / 10









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"Fearless in Love" Track-listing:

1. The Best Intentions
2. Prince of Fire
3. Ultraviolet
4. Dreamer
5. The Lamenting
6. Submarine
7. Promise
8. Twisted
9. Daydream
10. Listen
11. Gren (Fearless in Love)

Voyager Lineup:

Daniel Estrin - Vocals, Keyboards
Simone Dow - Guitars
Alex Canion - Bass
Scott Kay - Guitars
Ashley Doodkorte - Drums

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