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Vortex of End

Again, the French have thoroughly impressed.  Like acts as disparate as HANGMANS CHAIR and ALCEST, […]
May 13, 2019
Vortex of End - Ardens Fvror album cover

Again, the French have thoroughly impressed.  Like acts as disparate as HANGMANS CHAIR and ALCEST, Paris's VORTEX OF END widens the definition of their chosen realm of Metal.  Formed in '05, the band will release their third full-length, "Ardens Fvror," on May 31 via Osmose Productions.

Those looking to expand their definition of heavy and brutal, look no further.  VORTEX OF END operates on a level that see saws between Death and Black Metal though leaning more toward the latter as one would assume from their record label.  "BFTIVV" opens the album up and is mainly an introductory track filled with synths and haunting howls.  "Venomovs Triangle" follows and properly introduces the listener to the torturous riffs pervading this album.  The music is written from a stand point lying somewhere between the haunting cascades of second wave Black Metal and an amalgamation of the chaotic tendencies of Death Metal and suffocating elements of Doom.

There is a machine-like quality to the band's sound.  This is not to be confused with Industrial, but rather to describe the mechanized sound of the riffs combined with the torrents of pillaging percussion presented.  In the latter half of the third track, "Voraciovs Egregore," the band descends into a droning section sounding like a blackened NEUROSIS, a healthy expansion of the band's strange brew.

There are few bands close to comparable in their vision looking past the conventions of genre restrictions.  VORTEX OR END truly exert their own force of will in the interpretation of their subliminal inspiration.  What results is a scene of mayhem, albeit a controlled chaos, premeditated vehement shades of reality.  If one subtracted the Industrial elements, ANAAL NATHRAKH would be a good point of reference.

"Ira Dei," the fifth track, is the second-longest at just over eight minutes.  Built upon carefully selected rungs of arpeggiated minor key riffing, the song is in effect a ladder down to that which dwells below.  The band shows their penchant for groove and melody underneath their chosen veil of secrecy.  Halfway through, a protracted distorted bass riff demarcates the latter section.  This marks a section of methodically-paced riffs that exist somewhere between what could be seen as the more depressing side of Black Metal and the viler side of Doom.

When things seemed to be predictable in Metal releases, thankfully VORTEX OF END presented a masterpiece for those seeking more.  As the album progresses, one is let in more and more to the collective vision of this band.  Fans of quality Extreme Metal should hunt this down for it will satiate even the most ravenous of metallic appetites.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Ardens Fvror" Track-listing:

2. Venomovs Triangle
3. Voraciovs Egregore
4. Transvbstantiation
5. Ira Dei
6. Ov Dancing Snakes and Circling Crows
7. Emergence
8. Satvrnian Ascension

Vortex of End Lineup:

NKR - Drums
NGH - Vocals, Guitar
PRZ - Vocals, Guitar
HRS - Bass, Vocals

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