Beyond The Palest Star


With “Beyond The Palest Star,” VORGA have successfully managed to create an album that more focused on the heavier, extreme aspects of their sound yet managed to still expand upon their imaginative, atmo side.
February 19, 2024

VORGA is a German black metal band who formed in 2016; "Beyond The Palest Star," is their second full length album, in addition to having released an EP in 2019. I reviewed their debut full-length album, “Striving Toward Oblivion” and praised it for displaying a sound that “ is as exploratory as it is dangerous—this is the musical equivalent to an adventure in the uncharted expanse of space. That curiosity and desire to discover exists within their music but so does the danger and apprehension of the unknown.”

Beyond The Palest Star” takes a similar approach but expands, refines, and shuttles the listener across another trip through the bleakness of space. Even more so than the debut, this album unconditionally nails down how to combine ferocious black metal with atmospheric textures. So many bands under the same genre moniker lean too far into one area. Or their songs sound disjointed as they switch back and forth between styles.Not Vorga. Not this album. There isn't any switching or compromise between vicious blackened distortion or soundscapes. It is truly a melding of the styles, one could not exist without the other.

The album begins with “Voideath,” which represents everything I have just said…..dark, cold atmosphere collides with blackened riff before stopping for a second, returning with black screams. The riffs weave in out of the stars, hurdled ever forward with an outstanding performance from the drums. The song squeezes in melody through the guitar solo, a string of notes that captures the mood of the surrounding musical canvas. Afterwards, the song becomes very powerful and aggressive, proving the band has a handle on more than just atmosphere.

Magical Thinking” is one of the best songs not only on the album but one of the best songs they have done. Period. The music is indeed magical, a very imaginative tapestry of riffs and swirling atmospheres that converge with a unique energy. The later half of the song is particularly engaging. The bass, in particular, really sets the mood for it but all the instruments do an amazing job with this world building among the stars.

Tragic Humanity,” opens with melodic riffs but the rumbling engine of black metal soon joins in. This is one of the more intense and focused songs on the album, at least in the first half. The second half of the song is more exploratory but never forgets its roots. This song also represents one of the best elements of the album: these songs only get better as they go along. There isn’t a song on this album that doesn’t end stronger than it began.

The final track, “Terminal,” begins with synth sounds, definitely alien and unknown. The first couple minutes are slower paced and methodical but still sweltering with the unknown. The opens up to faster riffs, some of the best on the album. The vocal patterns are catchy and make the song flow so well. Then again, the entire album is a smooth experience as far as flow goes. It makes the sense that the final track would offer an ending transition that is seamless.

With “Beyond The Palest Star,” VORGA have successfully managed to create an album that more focused on the heavier, extreme aspects of their sound yet managed to still expand upon their imaginative, atmo side. A true highlight in black metal in this year early, one of that will no doubt be able to stand against the competition that is on the way.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Beyond The Palest Star" Track-listing:
  1. Voideath
  2. The Sophist
  3. Magical Thinking
  4. The Cataclysm
  5. Tragic Humanity
  6. Fractal Cascade
  7. Terminal
Vorga Lineup:

Atlas - Guitars (rhythm)
Спейса - Vocals, Guitars (lead), Bass
Hymir - Drums

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