From Bandcamp, "Meant to be an experience from start to finish, "Quadrivium" is an emotive […]
Vordona - Quadrivium album cover

From Bandcamp, "Meant to be an experience from start to finish, "Quadrivium" is an emotive piece of work doubling as the debut album of Progressive Metal outfit, VORDONA. These four- designed-as-one songs move the listener through a narrative of inner thought. Through this tetralogy, we get a final glimpse at the soundscapes analogous with VORDONA. The album has seven songs. "Prelude" is the first; a short introduction. There are piano and keyboard notes, as well as some Symphonics.

It segues into "Dark Moons." It eases in with clean guitars, and some background ambiance. Tony's vocals are next, and they are smooth and soothing. The music is Progressive, but not at the expense of the melody, and it's moody and slightly somber. The band also has tight musicianship. "I. Altered Perception" has a slower and heavier ground, with meaty bass notes and vocal harmonies. Djent rhythms pound at times underneath. "II. Deliverance" has another moody and ethereal sound. I love the bass work, but the band is going to have to find a way to lift the music up a bit. Too many of these somber songs can weigh down the album.

"III. Recollection" is another slow moving and moody song. At this point in the album, this is what we are going to get. In my mind, Progressive music should move you through many different emotions, sounds, and meters. But this album is stuck in one main sound, and that Djent rhythm is fairly innocuous. "IV. Testaments" has a little more punch to it from the vocal harmonies, but the pace is nearly the same as the other songs. Unfortunately, it is forgettable. "Postlude" is the closer. I love the electronics in this song, and question where these were in the other tracks.

Overall, this was a decent take on Progressive Metal, but what kept the album from soaring was that it was rooted in moody, somber sounds nearly the entire time. As I mentioned before, Progressive music should be running the listener through a variety of sounds, meters, and levels of excitement. This album did not. There is potential here...both the opening and closing songs had some really nice symphonic and electronic sounds...if the band can work them into the middle pieces, I believe the album would be more exciting. As it stands, however, it failed to resonate with me for these reasons.

5 / 10









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"Quadrivium" Track-listing:

1. Prelude
2. Dark Moons
3. I. Altered Perception
4. II. Deliverance
5. III. Recollection
6. IV. Testaments
7. Postlude

Vordona Lineup:

Tony Ricci - Vocals
Pavlo Mysak - Instrumentals

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