Being a part of the metal scene does really expose you to some of the […]
By Lotty Whittingham
October 17, 2015
Vorage - Vorage album cover

Being a part of the metal scene does really expose you to some of the most disgusting sounds known to man, in terms of Death Metal that is a huge compliment and it unleashes the beast inside you have been suppressing for many years. A band that will encourage this further is Death Metal duo VORAGE and they will place you into the darkest place imaginable to man if your ears were ever to come across their music.

Listening to the EP originally it is easy to mistake that there is at least four people in the band, upon finding out they are a duo is impressive yet unsurprising since that seems to be a regular occurrence with Extreme Metal. VORAGE hail from the Midlands, UK and provide the metal community with a mysterious vibe and the release of their debut self titled EP. This was originally released on tape which in fact is an incredibly, old school way to do things and popular as this sold out and this is now available on CD.

This EP of Blackened Death Metal is not for the faint hearted in any way shape or form, this twisted record will drive the listener into insanity and despair from the sheer brutality and relentlessness of this perverse EP. Bearing in mind this is a three song EP that already drives you to lunacy, there is only fear in the air what a full length album and a live show could do to the fan.

The overall conclusion of the EP? It will definitely open doors to their career as musicians due to the loyal metal community within the UK and worldwide, also the EP provides a great example of what to expect from this messed up duo. In terms of the metal they are producing, that is a huge praise.

7 / 10


"Vorage" Track-listing:

1. Paradisiac
2. Deathodidact
3. Vorage

Vorage Lineup:

A.H.S - All instruments
Al-Xul - Vocals

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